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Sportsmans Outdoor Products Double Deluxe Bow Case  
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Sportsmans Outdoor Products Double Deluxe Bow Case
Sportsman's Outdoor Products Double Deluxe Bow Case ? Designed to easily hold two bows with parallel limbs, and still have plenty of room. The Double Deluxe comes with an arrow box pocket on the outside as well as an accessory pocket with a plastic organizer included. There is a slip pocket on the opposite side to hold wallets, keys etc. Loaded with features, this is not your ordinary double bow case. What makes this case different several ways is the convenient tie down straps on the outside that allows you to attach the case to an ATV. This secures the bow to the ATV rack and protects the bow with 360 of foam in rough terrain. There is also an internal flap to secure the bow while inside the case. This flap folds completely over the riser, sights, quiver, and string to secure the bow from sliding inside the case.


Plastic organizer included - fits in front pocket
Arrow box pocket
Large internal gear pocket
Shoulder straps
Holds two bows
ATV tie down straps
Double zipper
Available in Camo/Stone Only


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