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Bridger #3 Coil Spring Trap  
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Bridger #3 Coil Spring Trap
Bridger #3 Coil Spring Trap - No other #3 trap on the market compares to the durability and reliability of the Bridger #3 Coil Spring Trap. With its well balanced design the trap comes straight up and out of the trap bed while its thick heavy jaws with there 6.5 inch spread close quickly and consistently on the target. Features include a heavy base, high levers, center swiveled and a 12 inch chain with 4-way swivel on the end of a 4 mm straight link chain. Trap includes a long spring pin for easy four-coiling which also gives the trap more balance when set. Designed for bobcat, coyote, beaver and any other similar sized game.


  • Well balanced design
  • Heavy jaw design
  • Jaws spread to 6.5 inches
  • Long spring pin included for easy coiling
  • Designed for bobcat, coyote, beaver and other similar sized game
  • Offset jaw design


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