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Big Sky Carvers Until We Meet Again Sculpture  
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Big Sky Carvers Until We Meet Again Sculpture
Big Sky Carver's 'Until We Meet Again' Sculpture - This sculpture collection is meticulously handcrafted by Big Sky Carvers artists based on founder Marc Pierce's own life experiences. Each piece comes with a copy of the story written by Marc, from which it was inspired:
'When I moved to Montana and was introduced to fly-fishing for trout, the idea of catch-and-release was foreign to me. In the Midwest where I grew up, fishing was as much about eating as it was about catching. I still enjoy a fish fry of crappies, walleyes or perch, but I haven't killed a trout in years. Maybe it's knowing how hard it must be to survive in a freestone stream, maybe it's their beauty, or maybe it's simply the mystery of it all - I'm not sure. But one thing I do know, and Lee Wulff said it best: 'The fish you release is a gift to another angler.'This fisherman is caught at the special moment where, having planned, toiled, fought and won, his euphoria changes to gratefulness and satisfaction as the fish recovers and slowly swims away.'
Hand-cast MT bronzes
7.5L x 9.50W x11.25H


  • Hand cast montana bronze
  • 75 in.l x 95 in. w. x 1125 in. ht.


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