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Zebco Omega Spincast Reel

Zebco Omega Spincast Reel

$59.99 - $69.99

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Zebco Omega Spincast Reel - Zebco's Omega is the The perfect light tackle reel. Featuring all-metal gears and a smooth 6-bearing drive system and an oscillating spool.

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Zebco Omega Spincast Reel - Zebco Omega Spincast Reel - Zebco designed the The Omega for light tackle fishing. Featuring all-metal gears and a 6-bearing drive system, as well as an oscillating spool.

  • 3X positive pickup system
  • Triple-cam multi-disk drag system
  • Aircraft aluminum covers
  • Quick-change spool system with spare spool
  • Ceramic line guide
  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Sealed soft-touch rubber thumb button
  • Power & speed handles on NEW PRO MODEL
  • Oscillating spool

I will buy more of these as needed.


As soon as I received my purchase, I set it up and took it to my favorite pond. From the first cast until the last I was able to place my lures exactly where I wanted to. It took a few catches to get the drag set, but once that was done I had a flawless fishing experience.


Great for young anglers!


I purchased these rods for a Kids fishing derby and they performed perfectly for the young anglers! They were all very happy to take the rods home afterwards and keep on fishing! Im sure Zebco will be their goto brand for years to come!!! Thanks for an awesome youth program amd a great product!


Own 3 of Them Now


As the title says I now own 3 of them. Bought my first one last season and have been experimenting with them. Used one on a MH rod with 14 pound test line for bass fishing and it stood up. The first one I bought is still going and has landed a few very nice bass, some Northern and walleye and just today a 7.5 pound dogfish. While not a glamourous game fish a dog fish does put up a scrap. My other one is paired on a ML pole with 8 lb test line and has also caught its share of fish and is going strong on its second year. The other will probably be put back on another ML rod, as I use the Bullet for the heavy work bass fishing. Mine seem to work best with mono or fluorocarbon. The one ahs been loaded with fluorocarbon for over a year now and is still going. I generally have changed out line on them but bait casting and spinning reel do not come with line when purchased

Northern MN


Big Improvement Over The 33


I really like the Omega Spincaster, the worm gear drive and bearing system make them very smooth and quiet. I have no issues with the micro adjust drag system and the 3 pin pick up is a big plus. These reels work great casting jigs, crankbaits, sonar or just still fishing with crappie rigs and the like. These reels are quite capable of handling big fish. Fishing the Missouri River, sooner or later your going to snag a paddlefish(catch & release) and this reel has handled these big fish with no issues. This reels only issue is monofilament line, as it tends to hang up from flat spots and line twist. It also becomes harder to spool, reeling line in, fish on or not. Switched over to braided line and that issue has pretty much been solved for trouble free operation..

South Dakota


Great Reel


I've had this reel for 2 years now and very Happy with the performance. I got this for My wife to fish with and she loved it. once I used it I got myself one. this thing will cast a mile. perfect for shooting docks and boat house's and with no backlash. I run 12# test Mono and have had 30# braid on it. If your have casing problems change your line to a better line once Mono gets a memory it will never cast good on any reel.

East Texas


Will buy another


great spin cast


Hope to purchase again next year .


Great combo rod and reel set for the 60 plus kids we will be having at our youth fishing clinic. 5 star product and company. Thanks Zebco


Nice reel but there is issues


I bought this reel because I was told that if I go to another closed face this is the one I need. Well I was happy until the line started to bind up in the spool. I am not sure if I will ever go to a closed face reel again.

El Paso, TX


Yes I would but these poles again


We hand them out for the kids fishing derby and they are nice poles that are easy to use for the children.


I had no idea a spincaster could be so good!


I bought the Omega 3 Pro ZO3 when I started kayak fishing to cut down on the amount of equipment needed in the boat. I use it on a 6.5ft medium action rod with 10lb mono and I am 100% pleased. It is full proof - sitting, casting one-handed, rocking in the wake of another boat, and adjusting my position with a paddle in the other hand - all with zero chance of backlashing. Casting is smooth, and the distance is great. It handles lightweight crappie jigs up to heavy bass baits. I still go for my baitcaster for accuracy and/or when heavier weight braid or fluorocarbon is needed, but I am sure glad I have an Omega Pro!

Memphis, TN



4.6 61


Item # Model Retrieve R or L Reel Weight Gear Ratio Line Cap Price Order Online
440228 Z03 Left or Right 13.0 oz 2.9:1 85 yds / 10 lb $59.99
1282982 ZO2PRO Left or Right 10.5 oz 3.4:1 85 yds / 6 lb $64.99
1257136 ZO3PRO Left or Right 10.5 oz 3.4:1 85 yds / 10 lb $69.99

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