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Zebco 202 Spincast Combo

Zebco 202 Spincast Combo


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Zebco 202 Spincast Combo - This 5'6" rod combo package comes with a standard 404 reel with stainless steel pickup pins and a star-adjustable drag, this reel comes with ABS housing and a built-in Hook Keeper.

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Zebco 202 Spincast Combo -This 5'6" rod combo package comes with a standard 404 reel with stainless steel pickup pins and a star-adjustable drag, this reel comes with ABS housing and a built-in Hook Keeper. Comes with Dual paddle steel crank handles and is pre-spooled with 10 lb monofilament and a tackle wallet to hold a assortment of light action tackle and folds to make it easy to carry.

Stainless steel pickup pins
Star-adjustable drag
ABS housing
Dual paddle steel crank handle
Pre-spooled with 10-pound monofilament

Great for young anglers!


I purchased these rods for a Kids fishing derby and they performed perfectly for the young anglers! They were all very happy to take the rods home afterwards and keep on fishing! Im sure Zebco will be their goto brand for years to come!!! Thanks for an awesome youth program amd a great product!


Own 3 of Them Now


As the title says I now own 3 of them. Bought my first one last season and have been experimenting with them. Used one on a MH rod with 14 pound test line for bass fishing and it stood up. The first one I bought is still going and has landed a few very nice bass, some Northern and walleye and just today a 7.5 pound dogfish. While not a glamourous game fish a dog fish does put up a scrap. My other one is paired on a ML pole with 8 lb test line and has also caught its share of fish and is going strong on its second year. The other will probably be put back on another ML rod, as I use the Bullet for the heavy work bass fishing. Mine seem to work best with mono or fluorocarbon. The one ahs been loaded with fluorocarbon for over a year now and is still going. I generally have changed out line on them but bait casting and spinning reel do not come with line when purchased

Northern MN


Hope to purchase again next year .


Great combo rod and reel set for the 60 plus kids we will be having at our youth fishing clinic. 5 star product and company. Thanks Zebco


Yes I would but these poles again


We hand them out for the kids fishing derby and they are nice poles that are easy to use for the children.


I had no idea a spincaster could be so good!


I bought the Omega 3 Pro ZO3 when I started kayak fishing to cut down on the amount of equipment needed in the boat. I use it on a 6.5ft medium action rod with 10lb mono and I am 100% pleased. It is full proof - sitting, casting one-handed, rocking in the wake of another boat, and adjusting my position with a paddle in the other hand - all with zero chance of backlashing. Casting is smooth, and the distance is great. It handles lightweight crappie jigs up to heavy bass baits. I still go for my baitcaster for accuracy and/or when heavier weight braid or fluorocarbon is needed, but I am sure glad I have an Omega Pro!

Memphis, TN


Omega Pro Z02


I like the size of this reel, and purchased it specifically so my grand children can learn to fish without the hassle and difficult of learning to use other types of reels. Since the Omega Pro Z02/Z03 seem very well built I willing bought one of each. After a little backyard practice I've come to find out the 6 lb. test on the Z02 is just not very strong. Snapped the line with a casting plug once, and then with a small lure out on the river. I went ahead and changed over to some Trilene XL 10 lb test which cut back on how much line I could put on, but still casts well. In the process of attaching the new fishing line I found out that this Omega Pro Z02 I purchased back in Dec of 2017 from Bass Pro didn't have the 3 pickup pins on the spinner head as advertised. It only has two. It still works fine picking up the line even with the 10 lb test, but I am a little disappointed in Zebco in this. They advertise the 3 pin pickup spinner head and that's not what I got. I like the reel and the grand kids seem to enjoy casting with it, but somebody made a mistake on my reel. I happened to took a look at the schematics for both the Omega Pro Z02 and the Omega Z02. The Pro appears to have the 3 pin spinner head and the schematic for the Omega Z02 looks like it has the 2 pin spinner head. I bet they are the exact same size and got switched somehow in the built up. Overall this is a sweet little spincaster, but I think it's too small line wise. Time will tell if it holds up after this year of some fishing with the grand kids. As it stands now, I should have bought the Omega Pro Z03 twice instead one of each.

Olivehurst CA


Best spincast reel ever


I had always wanted to try the black Omega Pro Z03 reel just to see what an upper end spincast reel was like, but I didnt want to spend $70 on it, afterall it is just a spincast reel. I looked at one in the store on display and instantly noticed the ocillating spool. No more line dig on the spool and no more mid-cast line snags. It's silky smooth and quiet, and with three line pick-up pins, it gets positive line engagement every single time. I was sold. The drag works perfect and micro adjustable. It doesn't bind up when reeling in under a load. My only complaint is it only holds 85 yds of 10lb test line. If I switch to 8lb it would hold more. Extra spool, single and double know handles included, metal frame, fit and finish is perfect. It just has such a good feel to it. This is my new go-to reel for trout, panfish, and light catfishing.

Tucson Arizona


Probably The Best Spincast On The Market


Really like the Omaga Spincast Reels! Big improvement over previous models with better drive gears, three pin pickup, easy swap out spools and micro adjust drag to name a few. This reel has been more then up to the task of taking on larger fish! My only complaint has been hang ups with monofilament line! When mono stretches it gets flat spots and then it begins to hang up on the spool. Needless to say it's aggravating when casting plugs, jigs and the like. I switched over to braided line and did that make a difference. Better smoother casts, distance and no hang ups. With braided line being a smaller diameter, it means more line on the spool as well. Since there is no stretch to braided, you do have to adjust your drag accordingly. Making the change has really turned the Omaga into a super nice Spincast Reel.

South Dakota, USA


I just want to fish


When i go fishing i want to fish and not have to be working on a backlash or some other problem. Over the last 4 years i have caught hundreds of catfish and white bass. The reel has worked flawlessly

Fort Gibson, OK, USA


Top of the line reel


I own 2 of these great reels and love them ! I use them from panfish to large N.Pike and walleye and have used them for yrs. without any problems.

Northern Michigan



4.7 56


Item # Length Model Power Gear Ratio Piece Price Order Online
426003 5' 6" 1245LFTKB Light 2.7:1 2 $18.99

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