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Z man Hard Leg FrogZ

Z man Hard Leg FrogZ


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Z man Hard Leg FrogZ - These are not just another Frog, but dynamic ElaZtech Hard Leg FrogZ. They have a lively paddle foot swimming action, they are up to 10X Tougher and they float, even with big hooks!

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Z man Hard Leg FrogZ - The durability of 10X Tougher ElaZtech® baits means you'll get more mileage from every one of these soft plastics. Whatever your preference in baits, you can fish with the confidence that your Z-Man ElaZtech® bait will continue to perform fish after fish. Not just another Frog but dynamic ElaZtech® Hard Leg FrogZ with lively paddle foot swimming action, up to 10X Tougher and they float... even with big hooks!

  • 4 Inch Super Amphibian
  • Paddle Foot Swimming Action
  • 10X Tougher ElaZtech Plastic
  • Available in 4 Colors
  • 3 Per Pack

The only frog to use when fishing in cover


we use a 6-ought hook sort of texas style. the hook part with barb then lays in the crack & is very weedless. Since it floats, we fish it like a "popper"...hopping it 6 or 12" & then rest it for 5 seconds. It sneaks thru lily pads and pencil type weeds without hooking up...when you get a hit...just like a worm, give them 5 seconds before setting the hook...time for them to re-gulp it after maybe just grabbing a leg. They will not let go of it...i waited one out with slack in the line for two minutes once & finally set the hook & boated him. Don't use those "double hooks" for frogs...they get hung up on everything but the bass

Madison, Wisconsin



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Item # Color Length Model Pack Qty Brand Price Order Online
1290334 Watermelon/Chartreuse 4 in HARDLEGZ-17PK3 3 Z Man $3.99
1290332 Mud Minnow 4 in HARDLEGZ-281PK3 3 Z Man $3.99
1290327 Green Pumpkin 4 in HARDLEGZ-46PK3 3 Z Man $3.99
1272664 White 4 in HARDLEGZ-03PK3 3 Z Man $3.99
1272666 Watermelon Red 4 in HARDLEGZ-18PK3 3 Z Man $3.99
1272669 Black Neon 4 in HARDLEGZ-38PK3 3 Z Man $3.99
1272670 Black Blue Flake 4 in HARDLEGZ-42PK3 3 Z Man $3.99

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