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Yo Zuri 3DB Prop Lure

Yo Zuri 3DB Prop Lure

$9.49 - $9.99

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Yo Zuir 3DB Prop Lure - For a top quality topwater lure ever angler is going to want the new 3DB Prop lure with its large airplane blades for more water displacement.

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Yo Zuri 3DB Prop Lure - Displacing more water and therefore attracting more fish this topwater lure by using large airplane blades to displace more water in both the front and the back of the lure. Working as a distressed baitfish with the injured "Red Eye" that works as an effective topwater lure. The premium paint job with the 3D internal prism helps catch the eye of all fish in the area. The prop is made out of polycarbonate that helps it last the life of the lure itself instead of rusting and eventually wearing out.

  • Top water commotion action
  • Polycarbonate prop
  • Large airplane blades for water displacement
  • Internal cadence rattle & noise BB's
  • Injured "Red Eye"
  • Patented wave-motions
  • Internal 3D Prism
  • Round bend black nickel treble hooks

Item # Color Length Model Lure Wt Brand Price Order Online
1391133 Prism Frog 3 1/2 in R1107 PF 7/16 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391134 Prism Gold Black 3 1/2 in R1107 PGBL 7/16 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391135 Prism Ghost Shad 3 1/2 in R1107 PGSH 7/16 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391136 Prism Silver Blue 3 1/2 in R1107 PSB 7/16 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391137 Prism Silver Black 3 1/2 in R1107 PSBL 7/16 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391138 Prism Shad 3 1/2 in R1107 PSH 7/16 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1404531 Prism Ayu 3 1/2 in R1107 PAY 7/16 oz Yo Zuri $9.99
1404532 Prism Clown 3 1/2 in R1107 PCR 7/16 oz Yo Zuri $9.99
1404533 Prism Fire Tiger 3 1/2 in R1107 PFT 7/16 oz Yo Zuri $9.99

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