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Yo Zuri 3DB Popper Lure

Yo Zuri 3DB Popper Lure

$9.49 - $9.99

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Yo Zuri 3DB Popper Lure - Unique to Yo Zuri popper lures this 3DB Popper has the secondary popper-cup that sprays more water then other competing lures.

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Yo Zuri 3DB Popper Lure - Resting in the horizontal position this popper lure has the best presentation with surface tension. The perfect shape and balance to help attract more fish and help you to catch more fish. The mylar tailhook adds flash and a lifelike fin to catch the eye of every fish in the area. This lure is effective when best used with "Pop & Stop" or even the "Walk-the-dog" techniques.

  • Perfect shape & balance
  • Horizontal resting position
  • Mylar tailhook
  • Injured "Red Eye"
  • Patented wave-motion ribs
  • Internal 3D prism
  • Secondary popper-cup
  • Round bend black nickel treble hooks

Item # Color Length Model Lure Wt Brand Price Order Online
1391139 Prism Crown 3 in R1101 PCR 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391140 Prism Frog 3 in R1101 PF 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391141 Prism Gold Black 3 in R1101 PGBL 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391142 Prism Ghost Shad 3 in R1101 PGSH 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391143 Prism Silver Blue 3 in R1101 PSB 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391144 Prism Silver Black 3 in R1101 PSBL 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391145 Prism Shad 3 in R1101 PSH 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1404529 Prism Ayu 3 in R1101 PAY 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.99
1404530 Prism Fire Tiger 3 in R1101 PFT 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.99
1427558 Bone 3 in R1101 BN 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49

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