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Yo Zuri 3DB Pencil Lure

Yo Zuri 3DB Pencil Lure

$9.29 - $9.99

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Yo Zuri 3DB Pencil Lure - Why waste time on mediocre baits and lures when you can fish the best there is with Yo Zure lures like the 3DB Pencil series.

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Yo Zuri 3DB Pencil Lure - A premium top water bait that uses the walk-the-dog style of swimming action. It uses an internal weight to help with castability and then that same weight works inside the bait to give it the back and forth action of the effective walk-the-dog technique. The premium paint job convinces fish to strike and take the bait with the unique internal 3D prism that attracts more fish. As an attention grabber the internal cadence rattle & noise BB's help attract more fish into striking the lure.

  • Traditional shad body profile
  • Top water "walk-the-dog" action
  • Easy to "walk"
  • Internal cadence rattle & noise BB's
  • Injured "red-eye"
  • Patented wave-motion ribs
  • Internal 3D prism
  • Round bend black nickel treble hooks

Item # Color Length Model Lure Wt Brand Price Order Online
1391127 Prism Frog 4 in R1100 PF 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391128 Prism Gold Black 4 in R1100 PGBL 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391129 Prism Ghost Shad 4 in R1100 PGSH 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391130 Prism Silver Blue 4 in R1100 PSB 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391131 Prism Silver Black 4 in R1100 PSBL 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1391132 Prism Shad 4 in R1100 PSH 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.49
1404526 Prism Ayu 4 in R1100 PAY 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.99
1404527 Prism Clown 4 in R1100 PCR 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.99
1404528 Prism Fire Tiger 4 in R1100 PFT 3/8 oz Yo Zuri $9.99
1427556 Bone 4 in R1100 BN 9/16 oz Yo Zuri $9.29
1427557 Silver Black 4 in R1100 SBL 9/16 oz Yo Zuri $9.29

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