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Yeti Tundra 65 Coolers
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Yeti Tundra 65 Coolers
Comments: Learn More About the Tundra 65 Cooler

Yeti Tundra 65 Coolers

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Yeti Tundra 65 Coolers - The Construction of YETI Tundra coolers is carried to the extreme, because there are elite groups of outdoorsmen and adventurers who seek extremes.

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Yeti Tundra 65 Coolers -  The Tundra 65 has ample room to hold the recommended 39 cans, a keeper redfish or a small quartered deer. Designed with 2 inches of insulation, a cold-keeping gasket and dry ice compatibility, the Tundra 65 will keep everything frosty even on long excursions. Tested in the harshest conditions the Tundra 65 will hold up to anything mother nature throws, including a hungry grizzly bear. All Tundras feature a grizzly-proof design that will give you peace of mind in bear country. This is one ice chest that puts no conditions on reliability under the harshest conditions.

  • Capacity: 57.2 Qt
  • 30.5"L x 17.125"W x 16.25"H
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Freezer-style Sealing Gasket Locks Out the Heat.
  • T-Latch Keepers Are Molded Into the Cooler Body.
  • Padlock Holes are Molded Into the Cooler Body and Lid.
  • Full-length, Self-Stopping Hinge Can not Hyper Extend and Break.
  • Non-slip, Non-marking Rubber Feet Help Keep the Cooler Where You Put It.
  • DoubleHual Handles - Military Grade Nylon Rope With Heavy-duty Textured Grip
  • Vortex Drain System
  • Tie-down Points are Molded Into the Cooler Body for Solid Mounting.
  • One-piece Roto-molded UV Polyethylene Construction is Extremely Durable.
  • Constructed of Food-grade Material That is Dry Ice Compatible.
  • Three Inches of Insulation in the Lid and Two Inches in the Walls Provides Superior Insulation.
  • BPA Free



Love these coolers! Own several YETI hard coolers and soft coolers. This tundra 65 is perfect for my everyday use! Never leaves my truck between work and play! Does it's job day after day! I put 2 bags of crushed ice every 3-4days and it holds ice incredibly well! Even living in the Arizona desert! Charcoal color is on point! YETI FOR LIFE!!!

Chandler, az


The best


Went camping for 4 day best ice chest i ever purchase can't wait to see yeti new idems.

Redlands California




This is a summer long review. my friends and i went camping in our hunting area, we had a few setbacks durring the trip and a friend and i got stranded about 20 miles away from camp with a loaded Tundra 65 and two guns. we started a fire and without knowing the Yeti was slightly too close... A few war wounds later and we made it back to camp to discover that the back of the yeti was bubbled and the ice and drinks were still ice cold. so we head up hunting, same 65 "tied" on the trailer we get up to set camp and notice that it is still attached to the trailer however not on the trailer. still sealed and still cold. we got camp setup and were inside and we hear wolves howling... the yeti is still outside... still scented with multiple summer briskets... may live through a bear but a pack of wolves will try to drag it from camp. still have the cooler that has survived being filled with drinks all summer used daily, melted, drug and almost stollen by a pack of wolves. 8 days in camp and my Yeti Ice was still slushy. Amazing product.



Confused but love it


Just arrived today and looks great but a bit confused on the capacity... see photo. Which is it?? 14.3 gallon capacity versus 13.1 seems like a big difference.

Houston, TX


Yeti 45 and 50


We bought a Yeti Tundra 50 last spring after vowing to never spend that kind of money on a cooler and 6 months later we picked up a Tundra 45 and regret not getting these years earlier. We froze 4 OJ bottles with water and placed them in each corner and it kept everything cold for four days. Then switched out the bottles with 4 more to finish up the last three days of our trip. It kept everything perfectly cold, in fact our drinks started to slush up the second day with temps in the 70's and 80's. They are tougher than nails and have been part of every family vacation, the kid's sporting events, hunting and fishing trips we have taken this year. Definite a scenario where you get what you pay for. Like I mentioned above, we should have bought them years ago.

Valley City, ND


I'm Happy every time I open it ....


I have a 20 roadie so......... I decided to get a bigger one because Working in Alabama it's HOT! Plus all my buddy's where trying to stuff there drinks into my 20! Once you get the Yeti Cooler ICE COLD plus drinks too, the ICE will last up until you run out of ICE COLD drinks! lol... SO the rule is... Drink One..Put On!



Better Than Expected


I purchased this cooler after 18-months of research and despite the inclination to buy a cooler from a competing company to satisfy my contrarian tendencies. The military discount and free shipping made the pricing about equal so I went with the Tundra 65. The Thursday before Labor Day I loaded it with two 10-pound blocks of ice, 7lbs of grocery store cubed ice, and food only - which left plenty of space as the cubed ice was at the bottom. I deliberately left it in the sun over Labor Day weekend with temperatures around 80+ degrees. On Labor Day I drove home, unloaded the food (butter, guac, spreads, and smoked salmon were all cold and firm), and added 18-cans of cold beer. I left it in my condo until Tuesday evening (9/4/18) when I handed it off to a friend for our trip to the Sawtooth NRA in Idaho. My friend added one additional 10-pound block with no additional cubed ice on the trip from Seattle to Idaho. The cooler sat in his 4-Runner in 70-80 degree temperatures from Thursday to Sunday. When we came off the trail Sunday there was just a tiny bit of ice left with ice cold water; the beer was still deliciously cold. My friend returned home on Monday night with the cooler and reported that he was finishing the beer because it was still cold. When I asked how cold, he stated it was as cold as the beer we order from any of our favorite bars. That's three 10-pound blocks of ice, 7lbs of cubed ice, and cold beer on day 11. For comparison purposes our 110-quart other brand beer cooler was loaded with beer, one block of ice, 50-lbs of cubed ice, placed next to the Yeti over Labor Day weekend, and we had to add 70lbs of additional cubed ice between Friday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend in order to keep the beer cold. I'm worried I may now become addicted to seeing how little ice I can put in this cooler and still have cold food and beer. Definitely glad I didn't follow my contrarian ways.

Issaquah, WA


Must've Gotten a Dud


Ice melted in less than 24 hrs day (twice) and the entire cooler sweats. Complete disappointment. Hoping Yeti makes the return/exchange process simple.


Cold for days!


Love this cooler! Keeps the beer cold for golf and tailgating, keeps the milk cold for kids when we camp! A little ice goes a long way.



Love it


we've used the yeti a couple times now and wow! it keeps it cold! even when the ice ran out (day 3) it still had the temperature of the inside of a fridge for an extra day! only con is the sticky bottom, I can see where it makes sense, but loading into the back of the truck is a bit more challenging.

portland, OR



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