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Winchester Handgun Reloading Brass

Winchester Handgun Reloading Brass

$19.99 - $34.99

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Winchester Handgun Reloading Brass - Winchester's unprimed shellcases for handguns are engineered to precise tolerances to ensure smooth-feeding and positive chambering.

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Winchester Handgun Reloading Brass - Winchester makes the highest quality ammunition components available to the reloader. And each and every component is made to meet and exceed the most demanding quality control and performance standards in the industry - Winchester's!

  • Unprimed Brass
  • Engineered to precise tolerances

Quality In Basement


Used to use Winchester brass but now every package of 100 seems to have two or three with a bad neck or a base that's too thick to fit in the press shell holder. What has happened to their quality control.

Citrus Heights, CA


Not what it was


Not as nearly nice brass. I had several bad new cases. I will not be buying Winchester 308 for awile.

walla walla




I have used Winchester Brass for 20 years. Harder than Remington Brass, lasts longer than Remington Brass. But, not as perfect as Nosler, Norma, or Hornady. Great for hunting purpose.

Syracuse Utah


Poor quality


I bought 100 Winchester 38 Special brass to load and give to a friend for Christmas. Starline brass had been available in the bin, but was sold out. Of the Winchester brass, 2 of the 100 had primer pockets that were too small to insert the primer, and 4 had primer pockets that were too large to hold the primer. I hadn't bought Winchester brass for several years because their quality had been so poor. Obviously their quality has not improved. I wound up giving my friend 94 rounds of 38 Special ammunition for Christmas.

Casper, WY


Poor quality control


Bought the 257 roberts brass because none has been available for years. Out of 7 bags every bag had one or two malformed pieces in that the necks were cracked or folded in on itself. Some cases had dents in the side but can be salvaged. Winchester must have eliminated their quality control department. I will only buy this brand when its impossible to find Remington or some other brand.



The quality contol on todays Winchester brass is unfortunate


I have been using Winchester brass for years, since the 70's. I have not bought new brass because there is to much cheap used rifle brass for sell for major calibers, such as, 30-06, 30-30, 7mm, 26-06, that I shoot. I bought a new 22-250 last year that I had no brass for so, I bought a new bag of 100 and found 10 were trashed and unloadable(necks were bent or cracked), 5 other shells had dents but usable and 2 other shells I repaired enough to trust. Recently, I became curious and bought another bag of 100 but, this time a year goes by, different store and different caliber only to find the same problems(bent cases and cracked necks). The quality of Winchester rifle brass has decayed to the point of questioning its safety. I will no longer buy new Winchester brass. They would not let me submit this evaluation without a star, I will retract the star now.





2 bags of 7mm-08. Minus 2, that's 98... Better safe then sorry... So that's Remington, and Winchester off the list... Pathetic...

Salt lake city, Utah


Not what it used to be.


I have used Winchester brass for over 40 years., but no more. The last 8 bags I have purchased have had several pieces that the neck of the case was split or not there at all. This was in 25-06, 30-06, and 270 win. All were new just out of the bag. The brass was purchased over a 6 month period and were of different lot #'s. Winchester quality control is just not working.



21 out of 50 rejects


30-06 brass had 21 out of 50 rejects...really bad rejects...this stuff should not be sold...extremely dangerous...sprtsmans better take this back...



.270 Winchester reloading brass


This is the only brand I use. I've had no trouble with it at all. Quality and value.

Abita Springs, La.



2.6 12


Item # Caliber Pack Qty Brand Price Order Online
314339 .32-20 WIN 50 Winchester $19.99
This item is currently not available online.
309047 .357 MAG 100 Winchester $26.99
309051 .38 SPL 100 Winchester $24.99
312027 .41 REM MAG 100 Winchester $34.99
309055 .44 REM MAG 100 Winchester $34.99
309087 .44 S&W SPL 100 Winchester $34.99
309085 .44-40 WIN 50 Winchester $22.99
309091 .45 COLT 100 Winchester $34.99

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