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Western  Tru Flight Right Wing Feathers

Western Tru Flight Right Wing Feathers


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Western Tru Flight Right Wing Feathers - The feather's ability to fold down when hit eliminates the large initial swing. The light weight of feathers inherently adds to the stability of the arrow. The 'grip' of the feathers adds further to clean, straight flight.

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Western Tru Flight Right Wing Feathers - The combination of all these advantages means good, consistent arrow flight is built into the arrow. Because of this it will tolerate a wide range of bow variables. Arrow rests, pressure buttons, release aids, shaft spines.. all are much less critical and require a minimum of set up.

  • 1 Dozen
  • 5 Inch
  • Folds Down When Hit
  • Wide Range Of Bow Variables

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Have been using these feathers for several years and never been disappointed. They have held up well through all kinds of abuse. Easy to attach with the right fetching tool and look good too.




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315389 Red Western Recreation $8.99
315387 Black Western Recreation $8.99
315388 Yellow Western Recreation $8.99

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