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WW Wood 10# Wood Chunks

WW Wood 10# Wood Chunks


WW Wood 10lb Wood Chunks - Mesquite and Hickory Cookin Chunks are primarily used as an alternative to charcoal. To use chunks, pile up a small pyramid in the grill.

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WW Wood 10# Wood Chunks - FLAVOR - Western Cookin Wood Chunks can be used in dozens of different types of grills, and smokers. But no matter what appliance they are used in, the main purpose is to add that wonderful wood smoke flavor to your barbeque dishes!!! These wood chunks will allow you to start your fire and be ready to cook with in 15-20 minutes. Remember these are hardwood chunks, which burn hotter and longer than charcoal briquettes so be very careful when you are first learning to use them so as not to burn your food. Cooking off to the side of the fire will help you to prevent over-cooking until you have mastered this fuel in your pit. It may take a bit longer to cook your food at first, but once you become accustomed to using wood there is no better fuel on the market today for adding this type of great flavor and texture to your barbeque dishes. Western Cookin Chunks are great to use with charcoal for added flavor, but cooking with 100% wood chunks will give you the best results of all.

  • 100 Percent All-Natural Wood
  • Cook With-In 15-20 Minutes
  • Flavors: Hickory, Pecan and Mesquite

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