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    For Him


    Hey ladies! Has your guy left you stumped when it comes to what he wants for Valentines Day? Well, we're here to help give you a few ideas on what your big hunk will enjoy.

    For the Man Who Does Everything with You


    You can really show you care by thinking of something that you enjoy doing together. There are a lot of ways to enjoy the outdoors with your significant other. If you have similar interests as your man, then you should have no problem finding something that you both will enjoy using. If you just want to get a little closer when you're out on that camping trip then look into queen sized sleeping bags and loveseat style camp chairs.

    For the Man that Likes to Eat Well


    It’s been said many times that, "the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach." Many men would be over-the-moon to have a new smoker or barbeque set. Grilling and smoking food is both a lot of fun and a great way for your man to practice cooking. Outdoor stoves also make a fun and practical gift for those that enjoy eating well when they're out hunting, fishing or camping. Rest assured, good grub is going to make your man happy.

    For the Man Who Needs Some "Man Time"


    Does your guy enjoy the solitude of the hunt? Is he most at ease sitting out on the lake fishing and taking in the beauty around him? Or does he simply enjoy a night out with the guys? Your man might just need a new hobby to entertain him during his free time. We've already covered food, but you might look into home brewing (whether beer or root beer). This hobby is a fun way for him to experiment and he'll even be able to enjoy his creations.

    For the Man Who Can't Dress Himself


    Alright ladies, let's get real for a second, most men don't know how to dress themselves. A lot of men would be comfortable wearing run down jeans and t-shirts most of the time. If your man needs a little more style, or has been embarrassing you with his old Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirts from thirty years ago it might be time to get him some nicer clothes. Most guys won't admit it, but they would be more than pleased if you helped them with their wardrobe. A nice coat or jacket goes a long way in making your guy look a little more presentable.

    For the Man Who has Everything


    We all know someone who has everything they could ever want. Sometimes you have to get a little creative in your gift giving. Luckily, there are always advances in outdoor technology. Try looking at new solar technologies. Solar generators are a great way to power the things you love when you're out camping, from your phone, laptop or TV, you'll be able to keep your devices running and stay connected throughout your whole trip. If you’re looking for something a little more conventional try scouting out a new GPS enabled watch for hiking.


    For Her


    Guys, Valentines Day isn't too far away and as you know, we need as much time as possible to work on figuring out what our gals want. Some girls don't drop hints as easily as you'd like. No need to worry though, we've broken things down so you can find the perfect gift for her.

    For the Woman Who Dresses Well


    This can be a tough one guys, but you know that your lady likes to look nice. Having something new to wear is always fun for her. A word of caution: don’t guess on your woman's shirt, pants or shoe size. If you guess wrong then there could be some serious consequences coming your way! Be sure to keep the receipt in case she wants to exchange whatever you got her and if all else fails then offer to take her on a shopping trip, this way she gets to have the full experience and will find something that she really likes.

    For the Woman Who Hikes


    Hiking is a great way to connect with nature and enjoy a fun physical activity outdoors. Some new boots can go a long way in keeping your woman happy and healthy. If your lady hikes a lot then she could probably use a new pair of boots or trail shoes. If you want to go above and beyond with this gift try giving her some free foot massages to go along with the boots.

    For the Woman Who Needs Comfort


    Ladies like to be pampered, especially when they are out hunting, fishing or camping. You might be okay sleeping on the dirt and rocks, but she what if she isn’t? Investing a little bit in making sure that your lady is comfortable when camping can lead to a more relaxing experience. Try shopping for nice air mattresses or cots that will keep her off the ground and comfortable. Lounge chairs and heaters also make great gift ideas.

    For the Woman Who Shoots


    Some girls love their guns. If you have a woman who likes to have her man close and her firearms closer then check out concealed carry handbags and totes. These are not only stylish and practical, but they also have a concealed carry compartment. If you're looking for something a little different, take a look at what archery has to offer. You can find plenty of ready-to-hunt kits that she's sure to enjoy.

    For the Woman Who Needs Luxury


    When it comes to camping, all some guys need is some rope and a tarp. If you have a lady who doesn't think that’s an adequate shelter then you might need to upgrade. Canvas tents and tent trailers are a great way to camp in comfort and style. A canvas tent will last you years and years while a tent trailer will give you a home away from home; both will provide the luxury your lady needs when she’s in the outdoors.


    For Yourself


    So you're stuck by yourself this Valentines Day. No problem, there are plenty of things to go and do on February 14th by yourself. And if you’ve recently had a break up, here are a few ideas to go and blow off steam. This year's Singles Awareness Day (SAD) is on a Friday this year, so go out and make something of it. Invite some other single friends and make it a date good 'ol time.

    Go Shooting


    What is going to make you feel better about being alone this Valentines Day? Shooting things, that's what. Grab some ammo and go out to the range with some buddies. Blow off some steam and forget about what's-her-name or that guy that broke your heart. If you’re looking for something to use in the backyard then try buying a new air gun and knock down some soda cans.

    Go Hunting


    Since Valentines falls on a Friday this year, why not take some time and go hunting? Be sure to gear up and treat yourself to some new camo before you go. If you're feeling more generous with yourself then look at some new scopes or a GPS so you wont get lost when you're out there all by yourself.

    Go Fishing


    You didn't want her coming along and scaring the fish anyway. Go and take some time to enjoy the peace and solitude that fishing offers you. If you like spending time out in the cold you might as well enjoy some ice fishing. Grab a new shelter and some buddies to come with you and catch some fish.

    Go Hiking


    Nothing feels better than beating a challenge. February is rather cold, so you might just start with some hills or small mountains near by. Grab yourself some new boots and go prove that you can go it alone this Valentines Day. A GPS might also make a good choice if you're prone to getting lost.

    Treat Yourself to Something Nice


    Look at the bright side; you don’t have to throw down cash on flowers and chocolate this year! Spend that hard earned money on yourself. Have you been eyeing a new kayak, backpack or scope? Go get yourself something that you will enjoy this year. It's almost tax return time so why not go big and treat yourself to what you always wanted. Don’t look at this Valentines Day as a missed opportunity for love, use it to show yourself some love!