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Trius ST2 One Step Clay Target Thrower

Trius ST2 One Step Clay Target Thrower

Sale: $89.99
Reg: $109.99


Trius ST2 One Step Clay Target Thrower - One person can throw and shoot! The newest member of the Trius line, the One Step has become a very popular seller, whether you enjoy shooting alone or with a group. The Trius One Step is almost effortless to use.


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Trius ST2 One Step Clay Target Thrower - The arm is set and targets are placed on the arm without tension. Step on the pedal to put tension on the arm and release targets all in one motion. Aluminum arm plus oil impregnated bushings deliver years of trouble free shooting. Throw regulation singles or piggyback doubles. A high angle target clip is also included. Large knobs for adjusting tension and vertical angle make the Trius One Step Trap fully adjustable without tools.

  • Throws single or double clays
  • No tools needed
  • One person operation

    Big step up from other portable launchers!


    Purchased at my local Sportsman Warehouse. Solid, Portable, and throws great. Throws well to the right and center. A bit soft on the left side throws. Good altitude adjustment. Good variability in the tension adjustment/ distance/ speed. The step to throw action is so easy it allows me to launch and shoot without any assistance. Re-cocking the throw arm is almost zero tension. Unlike many of the other throwers I have used it doesn't jump around when it cycles a throw. I have cycled 4 cases of clays through and it has not let me down. Doubles are pretty good also, somewhat inconsistent but I use this to train for bird hunting so I like the uncertainty of the double throw. One key thing! Remove the tension bolt from the spring and the entire base unit when not in use. I managed to leave mine in detached from the spring while I drove to and from the shooting range, the vibration managed to strip the threads on the bolt. I had to re-thread the bolt to get the adjustment knob to work again. My fault, not the quality of the product. Everything else on this machine is great!! To me it is worth the cost over the basic rope pull throwers.

    Bozeman, MT


    Trius ST2 One Step Clay Target Thrower


    This is it. No effort to load it up. If you stack the two clays on top of one anther, it'll throw them both just fine! In the same direction & everything. I read the other reviews for the other throwers, thank you very much gang. I didn't waste any $$$$. We had 5 guys shooting 270 targets in 2 hours without 1 problem. I'm very happy.

    Roseville, CA

    Trius ST2 One Step Clay Target Thrower


    I have to say for the money, I don't think you can get a better clay thrower. I bought this from Sportsmans today for $109, and went out with my nephews shooting some clay. We got a perfect throw every time out of this thrower, and it's a very stable and solid unit. I really liked the foot pedal launch, and despite the heavy spring tension, even my light weight 10 year old nephews were able to launch the clay from it. They had to put their weight into it, but they had a blast doing it. Between $39 units and $350 units, I'd have to say the Trius ST2 hits the sweet spot for quality and useability, and I thoroughly enjoyed using it today. It has adjustable launch angles, it's a steady platform and it's heavy duty and should last a long long time too. My only 2 wishes are better assembly instructions (they are pretty vague in 2 spots) and a 2 clay clasp so you could launch 2 clays at once. The box advertises you can lay a second clay on the launcher, but the clay that was just resting on the launcher goes wide right every time and you really can't do more than one clay at a time. Still for the money you can't beat this unit! I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 for the 2 minor complaints, but I would absolutely buy it again and recommend it to others. It's a great little clay thrower!

    Nampa, ID


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