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Traditions Hawken Woodsman .50cal Black Powder Rifle

Traditions Hawken Woodsman .50cal Black Powder Rifle



Traditions Hawken Woodsman .50cal Black Powder Rifle - Traditions Performance Firearms has the most extensive line of muzzleloading rifles, pistols and revolvers for the blackpowder hunter and the serious collector.

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Traditions Hawken Woodsman .50cal Black Powder Rifle - Traditions Performance Firearms has the most extensive line of muzzleloading rifles, pistols and revolvers for the blackpowder hunter and the serious collector. We carry quality, long-lasting muzzleloading weapons ranging from modern bolt-action rifles to authentic replicas of colonial and pre-colonial weapons.
We have developed and fine-tuned every piece of our muzzleloaders to give the hunter every advantage in the field. Our ignition systems are tested in the most inclement weather to assure consistent firing under all conditions. Sights are designed for accuracy in normal or low light conditions. Different stocks can be configured for camo or custom looks without the custom price!
For the collector, we've paid keen attention to every detail to maintain authenticity and quality. From the detailed rifle receiver engravings to single-shot pistol designs with double triggers, nothing is overlooked.
The Hawken 50 caliber percussion is a serious hunting rifle featuring a hardwood stock and 28" octagonal barrel. It maintains the classic styling and handling of the time-honored Hawken while offering great performance and affordability.
The 28" octagonal performance barrel has a 1 in 48" twist with click-adjustable rear hunting sight.

  • Additional features include:
  • Brass butt plate and nose cap
  • Brass patch box and trigger guard
  • Hooked breech for barrel removal
  • Double-set crisp triggers

    Traditions Hawken Woodsman .50cal Black Powder Rifle


    I have been hunting deer for some time with muzzle loaders currently own 3 guns. I have bought two hawken's woodsman from sportsman's warehouse and couldn't be more happy with the gun. everything looked great, wood was nicely fitted, gun shoots great. I'm shooting TC XTP hollow point mag express sabots 240 grain, with 80gr of 777. It will hit a pie plate at 100 yards 3 out of 3 times, When target shooting I use a range ram rod, only use the guns rod when out in the woods, you need to be carful when using ram rod, due to it's very flexible, take your time, and use booth hands pushing bullet down barrel in short strokes. Love the adjustable trigger. Make sure you use a good screw driver when removing clean out plug, screw head seams to be a little on the soft side. I built a leather covered cheek pad for the gun, which is a must for this style of gun, unless you like getting hit in the face with good old hard wood.

    Virginia beach , VA

    Traditions Hawken Woodsman .50cal Rifle


    I am no newcomer to black powder firearms, so I was quite impressed with this rifle. It loads quickly in standard muzzle-loader fashion and has a compartment in the shoulder piece of the stock to hold percussion caps, which I find a plus. The piece is quite accurate with either round ball or Minnie ball. It has excellent striking power with either type of shot using only 60 grains of Pyrodex. Another plus is that it cleans up quickly and easily with standard black powder cleaners. A little tip for newcomers: use a pipe cleaner dipped in the cleaner to clean out the nipple and between the stock and hammer, as well as the pocket in the hammer. As far as recoil goes, its kick is moderate and easy to take. I truly love this rifle, and I highly recommend it.

    Greeley, CO

    Traditions Hawken Woodsman .50cal Rifle


    I bought my Hawken Rifle a long long time ago. Mine came a bit different than the one shown. It had Silver Patch Pocket Cover on it and But plate as well as a Silver Foreend cap and Ramrod Thimbles plus even the plates for the barrel wedge was Silver on mine. and the Front sight blade as well. After I owned and shot it for a few years I decided to go all out on it. I bought a flat bar of Silver and made my own side plate for the Percussion hammer also the set and main trigger I converted as well. The one thing I could not get right was the S Horn for the percussion cap so I finally took the Steel one I had and had it 24kt Gold plated I had made two out of Silver and they were both too soft and bent wrong. I had stripped the blueing and then Browned mine on the Barrel as well. I could not get a silver scope for the long barrel so I took the one I found in Brass and had it Nickel Plated. This weapon is not a WALL HANGER I have shot a couple of Deer with it. Normally Muley's It only drops 3inchs at one hundred yds. I use Pyrodex pellets and sabots in the 54 cal barrel with a one in 24 twist It was a custom sizing and rate of spin I decided on for my bullets and powders. I love it to death come and get you some. dray

    Medford, OR

    Traditions Hawken Woodsman .50cal Rifle


    This rifle is acurate and fun to shoot. It is also a great looking rifle. Fun, inexpensive and does the job whether your target shooting or hunting.

    Chattanooga, TN

    Traditions Hawken Woodsman .50cal Rifle


    I have both the flintlock version and the percussion cap version of this Traditions Woodsman Hawkins Rifle. Both models have excellent fast ignition and great down range accuracy. The wood stock is excellent quality, and the overall finish is outstanding. Its a beautiful rifle to own and a real pleasure to shoot.

    Glidden, WI


    5.0 5


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