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Traditions 1860 Army .44cal Black Powder Revolver

Traditions 1860 Army .44cal Black Powder Revolver



Traditions 1860 Army .44cal Black Powder Revolver - The richly blued .44 caliber barrel contrasts handsomely with either steel or brass frame models. Offered with walnut grips. Authentic in every detail.

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Traditions 1860 Army .44cal Black Powder Revolver - The richly blued .44 caliber barrel contrasts handsomely with either steel or brass frame models. Offered with walnut grips. Authentic in every detail to give you the same experience as during the Civil War.

  • .44 Caliber
  • 8in Blued Round Barrel
  • Brass Guard
  • Walnut Grip
  • Color case hardned Steel Frame
  • Hammer/Blade Sights
  • Overall Length: 13.75in
  • Weighs: 2.75 pounds
  • Model: FR18602

Nicely made and shoots great!


Here's what bumped me over the edge to purchase this gun: Beautiful gun! I handled it in the Fresno, CA store and was impressed with the fit and finish, It was how well the revolver was timed that really did it though. It really couldn't be any better. The trigger was good with just a bit of creep. The first disassembly prior to shooting the wedge was very tight, I had to tap fairly hard using a brass drift pin to get out. No problem. The stop screw for the wedge was screwed all the way in and not in play out of the box. That was really the only issue. This is a simple adjustment that every shooter need to understand. It shoots great! Typically high POI but no left/right correction needed and it groups tight. I did file the hammer and bring the POI down some. It likes Remington #10 caps. Don't use CCI's for this gun as they don't fit it properly. I tried some and they don't allow the hammer to be lowered far enough on the live cap for the action to cycle, thereby locking the action. You can just load five and only lower the hammer on the empty chamber, which is of course safer, but I also had numerous misfires with the CCI's. I've been loading 30 grains of fff or pyrodex with mostly .454 balls, although I've also used speer .457 balls, just shaves a bit more. Get one, tons of fun!

Clovis, CA


Love it! Great "BANG" for the buck!!!


My first foray into the world of black powder! I bought this at the Fresno, CA store. Great experience in the store and it was wonderful to be able to just put it in the shopping cart and take it home, almost like living in a free State! Bottom line - I'm very impressed. I'd hear that Pietta had upped their game from years past and this gun proves that. It's well finished throughout and fitted very well. The timing is just about as perfect as any revolver I've experienced. Every review that I've read says that they shoot high, this one does as well. However, it's surprisingly accurate and I can adjust the POI without too much work. The trigger is OK, just a bit of creep but weighted just right. I'm already looking at the Remington 1858 replica as my next purchase...

Prather, CA


Traditions 1860 Army .44cal Black Powder Revolver


This weapon performs very smoothly. There is almost no pick to the revolver and loading (while it does take time) is pretty easy to master. With that being said, Pietta has a well documented problem with making the wedges far too tight in the barrel. It is nigh impossible to get pulled out, even with all the suggestions of leather mallets and brass punches. That make it impossible to clean besides a very basic spot cleaning with the wire rods and brushes, so I cannot give this weapon a 5. Was it easier to dislodge (which I haven't been able to over a three day period) I would give it a 5.

Ammon, ID

Traditions 1860 Army .44cal Black Powder Revolver


This is my 3rd pistol from Pietta good finish and fit never had any problems and will buy another one from them.they shoot just like the originals high.People complain that the 1860 Army has a navy scene on the cylinder well the original has the same navy scene on it. This was S.Colts trade mark.I have the 1851,1858 now the 1860 all complaints.

Pecos, NM

Traditions 1860 Army .44cal Black Powder Revolver


Initially these seem well built till you start shooting them, first thing to fail is the dovetail clasp that holds back the ram rod to the bottom of the barrel, I've had two of these revolvers and both had identical issue's, after shooting less than 24-30 balls, this part fails due to poor metal quality, next problem is cylinder to frame is too far from hammer, often percussion caps can't be stuck to detonate charge, with all the hardware tightened cylinder also seems to have a more than normal gap from breech of barrel I won't be buying any more piettas ever again, sportsman customer service has been helpful and either exchanged or replaced.

Sacramento, CA


3.6 5


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