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Thompson Center Strike 50 Cal Muzzleloader

Thompson Center Strike 50 Cal Muzzleloader

$479.99 - $519.99

Thompson Center Strike 50 Cal Muzzleloader - "Legend has it lightning never strikes twice. In 1997 Thompson/Center revolutionized the world of muzzleloading. Looks like we’ve done it again. Meet the T/C STRIKE™, the trend setting striker fired muzzleloader with the innovative Adapt™ breech system, Armornite™ barrel coating, and legendary T/C barrel. The T/C STRIKE™ muzzleloader, only from Thompson/Center."

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Thompson Center Strike 50 Cal Muzzleloader - The Adapt™ Breech system, which moves the threads to the outside of the barrel, thus eliminating seized breech plugs and assists in simplifying the cleaning process. The threadless primer adapter holds a 209 primer for fast, reliable ignition. Featuring the Armornite™ corrosion protectant metal finish - a rugged nitride coating that gives protection on the INSIDE (where most corrosion and pitting occurs) and the outside of the barrel. This not only increases accuracy, but extends the useful life of your rifle. The precision 24" barrel has a 1:28" rifling twist for optimal performance with today’s sabots and high-performance projectiles. The Stealth Striker™ ambidextrous cocking system is whisper quiet and eliminates scope clearance issues that plague traditional hammer cocking systems. The match-grade trigger, which adds a smooth-breaking, light trigger pull that allows the shooter consistency shot after shot.

  • Features the Adapt Breech system
  • Armornite corrosion protectant metal finish
  • Stealth Striker ambidextrous cocking system is whisper quiet and eliminates scope clearance issues
  • Match grade trigger
  • Precision 24" barrel
  • Adjustable sights with fiber optics included
  • Weaver-style scope mount base included
  • Strike muzzle loader are proudly made in the USA
  • 50 Caliber

Good product with some niggling flaws


I've had this gun now for about 10 months, but had a long delay in getting it set up. I found the installed open sights, a set of fiber optics by Williams to be useless. At anything over fifty yards the sights obscured most of the target. They were aso barrel mounted and set very close together. I have switched to a rear peep, a custom setup made by Skinner in Montana and was finally able to start shooting and working up hunting loads. I am currently still using the stock front blade, but will be switching to a globe front. The very shotgun like stock design is fine for use with a scope and the rifle came with a weaver rail mount. The stock has a high narrow center ridge. Mine has the camo composite stock, but all the stocks are the same. The high ridge on the stock makes it difficult to get down on the stock and view the sights properly and right now I am forced to put my cheek bone directly on the ridge in order to view the sights. I will probably remedy this by ordering the wood stock and custom fit it for my sight setup. I have found the gun to be accurate so far at 50 yards, having fired a couple of 1.5" groups despite the difficulty of sighting the rifle properly. The trigger pull is superb and the rifle shoots consistently when changing loads and powders. I got it on the paper using Pyrodex pellets and saboted .45 handgun bullets, then switched to a similar weight powerbelt and Blackhorn 209 with only a minimal adjustment for height and none for windage. I would recommend this rifle if you are going to hunt it with a scope. If you are hunting in muzzleloader seasons that require open sights, make sure you can properly use the open sights or be willing to take some time and effort to set up custom sights.




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