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Tenzing Hunting Packs

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    Tenzing Hunting Packs Buyer's Guide


    A good hunting pack can make the difference between spending those extra few hours in the field and calling it an early day. Those extra few hours can be the difference between finding your next trophy and going home empty handed. For years, hunters believed that packs had to be heavy and uncomfortable in order to be strong enough to handle their abuse. That was then, this is now.Read More ...

    Tenzing camo backpacks have changed the world of hunting packs forever. With the use of dyneema high strength panels, Tenzing has both increased strength and ruggedness, while also offering a substantial weight savings. Dyneema is one of the world's strongest fibers. It is fifteen times stronger than steel, and still light enough to float on water.

    We don't all hunt the same species during the same time every year. For this reason Tenzing has created different types of packs in their lineup: expedition packs, day packs, lumbar packs, and specialty packs. Expedition packs have full internal frames, but are still light weight. They also have meat pockets made of mesh for you to haul your kill out with. Their day packs typically have a full frame, which transfers the weight of the load to the hip belt. This suspension also creates commendable fit and feel. Tenzing internal frame packs are versatile enough to be used as anything from a day pack to a fishing pack, and everything between.

    Tenzing makes it clear that their lumbar packs were designed to be worn by people while staying extremely functional. They have several pockets, and mobility is not hindered as your back is mostly exposed. Specialty packs include a women's day pack, a video bag, which is similar to a lumbar/shoulder bag mix, and a single sling pack that can be worn over either shoulder. In general, Tenzing has added expandable pockets wherever possible. That way, whether you need to pack a few extra layers for a late season hunt, or the occasion calls for a larger spotting scope, a Tenzing backpack has you covered. The Tenzing hydration pack system is compatible with most bladders and is available on most packs.

    Your pack should be an extension of your body. That's why it's essential to keep your pack tight and secure. Numerous compression straps are provided to both attach extra gear to the outside of your pack and to help you even out your load. Anyone can add extra pockets to a pack; it's another story to make them useful. Tenzing packs have been well thought out down to the last detail. Your knife, sidearm, and rangefinder are always kept secure and within reach.

    Their attention to detail does not stop there. A prime example of this is the elastic cuff that has been added to each adjustable strap. This keeps things neat and organized while reducing noise. Everyone knows what a pain it is to dig gear out of your buddy's pack while on the trail. For this reason Tenzing has added yellow zipper pulls and daisy chain to make pockets more easily identified.

    The Tenzing line of hunting packs was born in the Idaho backcountry. No matter how good a pack looks it won't do you any good if it can't stand up to extreme use. If anyone can take a pack to its limits, it's professional hunter Cameron Hanes. Well known for his "beast mode" training program, Cameron is a true wilderness hunter. Now a part of the Tenzing Prostaff team, Cameron's endorsement means you'll have a pack that will stand up to the hardest use. Tenzing has made a pack for any use you have.

    At Sportsman's Warehouse, we are very excited about our partnership with Tenzing. We strive to carry the latest technology to enable hunters and outdoorsmen to be more successful in the field. This is why we feel that Tenzing backpacks are the perfect fit for any hunter.