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    Find the Perfect Tent for Your Future Camping Trips

    Are you tired of waking up at the campground with a sore back, tight shoulders, and wrenched neck? Or worse, are you sick of sloshing out of your camping tent after being soaked with the night’s rain? Every avid camper has been there. A miserable sleep is one of the few inconveniences that can derail a great trip to the wilderness.

    Whether it’s not having the right size family tent or just having an ineffective one, the prospect of having to suffer through another uncomfortable trip might be enough to cause you to rethink your next trip. Luckily, Sportsman’s Warehouse has a wide selection of tents for sale that will make you love the outdoors again.

    Finding a reliable and durable shelter has never been so easy. Search for the camping tent you require to properly enjoy Mother Nature again. With a variety of brands, styles, and price points, Sportsman’s Warehouse has something for every level of adventurer. The top camping tent manufacturers are all available to make sure your season is unforgettable. All that is left is to pick the type of shelter that fits your needs.

    Family Tents

    Pack up your gear and your family for another fun excursion to the great outdoors. With plenty of family tents to choose from, there’s no reason to leave anybody behind. Purchase a tent with large, open windows, a screened porch, and hinged door for next time you take the kiddos to the campground.

    Lightweight construction ensures that your shelter is easy enough to carry but strong enough to stand up to the elements. Select a tent with room dividers or opt for one that maximizes roominess with a large common space. You’ll find family tents with ample headroom and multiple doors for easy exiting and entering.

    Even if you have a group of six or eight people, it’s easy to find the perfect family tent with Sportsman’s Warehouse for your whole family of nature lovers.

    Truck and SUV Tents

    What’s easier than throwing a camping tent in the bed of your truck and heading to the mountains? Nothing. Secure a set of wheel well inserts and a truck tent to start your journey. The benefit of sleeping on an elevated surface and the convenience of a quick setup is well worth the investment.

    Clamp-on attachments mean you don’t waste hours of your trip constructing your shelter while floorless designs keep you from having to fully clean your truck’s bed. Durability and breathability are also delivered through steel tube frames and cotton canvases.

    Mesh windows let the wind pass through as the zip-up features keep moisture from penetrating your sleeping quarters. If you’re looking for ease and comfort all in one package, it’s hard to go wrong with a truck tent.

    Jumping Jack Trailer

    If you prefer your camping trips to be on the more rugged end of the spectrum, you can’t go wrong with a jumping jack trailer. Enjoy a spacious tent that also provides versatility. Haul your hunting, fishing, and cooking gear with you during the day and convert the sizable trailer into a family tent at night.

    Complete with a spare tire and a half bed extension, Sportsman’s Warehouse’s jumping jack tents provide just enough accessories to keep you worry free for the entire week. Oh, and if four-wheeling or road tripping is your style, you won’t beat the sturdy frame of these heavy-duty trailers.

    Backpacking Tents

    Pick up one of our backpacking tents for camping when heading on longer trips miles away from your car or cushy campsite. Our small, lightweight tents allow you to fit more into your backpack on long treks into the beautiful mountainside.


    Face the elements and defeat them with the advanced technology provided in many of Sportsman’s Warehouse tents. Stay dry with water-resistant marine canvases and keep safe with Insta-Clip Pole attachments. Wind and rain are no problem thanks to the many features implemented in these top-end tents. Don’t forget about WeatherTec welded floors, Hydra-Shield canvases, and galvanized tubing. Camping has never been so relaxing.

    Be Comfortable on Your Next Camping Trip

    Sportsman’s Warehouse has every need covered with the largest inventory of camping tents and shelters. You won’t be disappointed when you pick up a top-of-the-line backpacking tent or family tent for your next big adventure.

    With sizes to fit every group, your trip to the campground just got a lot more fun. Don’t miss out this year because you don’t have the right equipment. Get started today with a great tent for a better price.