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The world as we know it will never be the same. The air is filled with smoke and screams. Gunfire is in the distance. The virus that caused so many people to die is not finished. The dead have risen. It is the Zombie Apocalypse.

In this scenario, would you be prepared? The answer, most likely is no. If you want to avoid a major decomposition problem and a craving for human brains, there are a few provisions that are necessary for survival.

Make a Stand

What do you need to be prepared?

It depends. If your home or apartment can be defended from the continuous onslaught of hoards of the undead (aka Zombies, Walking Dead, Ghouls, the Dead) there are a few necessary provisions that you will need.

Defend yourself (aka Z-Fense)

Few facts are known about the undead (Patients that communicate by snapping their jaws and moaning are difficult to converse with). We can assume that there are universal laws that apply to Zombies. First, their sense of smell and hearing are amplified. Since the undead can neither feel nor see very well, their sense of smell and hearing compensate. One must consider this when choosing a weapon. A crossbow would work, but it is cumbersome to reload. The best longer range Zombie defense option would be a gun. The issue with guns is that they are loud. It is like a dinner bell to Zombies; the solution; more ammo.

  • Rifle - Accurate semi-auto
  • 1,500 rounds Rifle Ammo - For your accurate semi-auto
  • Backup weapon like a handgun or shotgun - Just in case
  • 500 rounds Shotgun/Handgun Ammo - To load your just in case
  • Gun Cleaning Kit - Keep them clean, make them scream
  • Binoculars - ID the Undead from the living
  • Machete - Useful for removing the Zombie's power plant
  • Two Knives - Everyone needs a sharp knife, why not two?
  • Hatchet - The hatchet is perhaps the most useful tool in your survival arsenal. It has sharp and blunt ends. Close quarters combat with zombies is not ideal, but having a hatchet is better than nothing.
  • Steel-Toed Boots - Keep the crawling zombies out
  • Water Purification Tablets - Water, water everywhere but all of it's infected
  • Water Filter - Cool, clean, water
  • Canned Food - Contains both food, and water
  • Dehydrated Food - Long term nourishment
  • Gas Camp Stove - Marshmallows anyone?
  • Flare Gun - Help me! I'm hosed!
  • Glow Sticks - No electricity, no problem
  • Radio - Elvis can lift your spirits

On the Run

If your dwelling cannot be fortified, then you have one choice: RUN! The ultimate goal of being on the run is to find a stronger position. The key is to stay light and move at a moment's notice. This is what you will need:

  • Rifle - Light semi-auto carbine
  • 250 Rounds of Ammo - You will need more, but who will carry it?
  • Knife - Good for whittling
  • Hatchet - Again, the hatchet is perhaps the most useful tool in your survival arsenal. It has both sharp and blunt ends. Either side can be used for Z-fence. The cutting side will be used to remove stairways or cut firewood, and the blunt end can be used as a hammer. The hatchet should be at the top of the survival list.
  • Backpack - Internal frame, something light
  • Hiking boots or Trail Running shoes - Move! The Undead don't like fast food
  • Socks - Keep those dogs dry
  • Water bottle - Stay thirsty my friends
  • Water Purification Tablets - Infected water tastes bad
  • Medical kit - If bitten, there's no hope, but still good to have
  • Sleeping Bag - Zombie sack lunch if you're not careful
  • Map - If you pass the smoking building, you have gone too far
  • Compass - Go West young man…or East, or wherever there are no Zombies
  • Flashlight - If you're out at night, you are braver than I am
  • Rain Gear - Stay dry, stay warm
  • Survival kit - That's what we are trying to do, right?
  • First Aid - Band-aid for your bite?
  • Radio - Anyone out there?
  • Compact Binoculars- Lightweight ability to see how doomed you will be
  • Multi Tool - A tool kit on your belt
  • Hand Crossbow - Silent and pretty cool
  • Dehydrated food - Lightweight nourishment
  • Flare Gun - Help me! I'm hosed!

Remember, this list is the minimum, and only for short-term survival. The key is to have this on hand when the dead rise and hunger for your brain. I would recommend Sportsman's Warehouse as your Zombie Apocalypse supplier. They seem to be the only one taking this seriously. The undead will come. Ask yourself, are you ready?


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