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T/C Pro Hunter FX .50Cal Muzzleloader Black-Weather Shield

T/C Pro Hunter FX .50Cal Muzzleloader Black-Weather Shield



T/C Pro Hunter FX .50Cal Muzzleloader Black-Weather Shield - With all the great looks, quality and accuracy of the very popular Encore Pro Hunter, the Pro Hunter FX is a fixed barrel (non interchangeable) Muzzleloader.

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T/C Pro Hunter FX .50Cal Muzzleloader Black-Weather Shield - The Pro Hunter FX is a dedicated black powder rifle and features the tough as nails Weather Shield coating in Stainless Steel color, making the FX incredibly corrosion resistant and the price is sure to please every hunter. Pro Hunter FX features a Weather Shield break open action and fluted 26 inch barrel. The T/C precision barrel includes the QLA (Quick Load Accurizor) Muzzle System for easier loading. The new Speed Breech 3 hand removable breech plug makes cleaning easy. Reversible Swing Hammer allows easier access under mounted scopes for both left and right handed shooters. Adjustable Williams Fiber Optics are included. Drilled and tapped for scope mounts. A FlexTech recoil reducing stock makes shooting black powder rifles easier than ever. NOTE: Black Powder or an approved Black Powder substitute, such as Pyrodex, are the only propellant powders that are safe to use in muzzleloading firearms.

  • Color: Black Composite with Weather Shield
  • Barrel: Weather Shield
  • Caliber: .50 Cal
  • Trigger: Swing Hammer
  • Action: Break Open
  • Ignition: 209 Primer
  • Barrel Length: 26"
  • Length of Pull: 14"
  • Overall Length: 40.5"
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Sights: Adjustable Fiber Optics
  • Twist: 1:28

Great Gun


Bought this FX Hunter w/scope and love it. I shoot BH209 powder, TEZ barnes 250 sabots, Winchester 209 primer. I did notice the breech would sometimes not let the gun acquire the clearance to properly close and/or allow the hammer to be cocked. But I discovered this was due to some build up of powder around the oring on the breech. My groups are super consistent. I am sighted in at 200 yds. You have to consistently pack the powder in, make sure the bullet is tight and not deformed when ram rodding in the barrel. Once these steps are repeated consistently, so shall your shots be. I clean (dry wipe only) at the range every 4-6 shots, even though I am using the cleaner BH209 powder sub. I also pull the breech out and wipe it down to remove any build up for reasons stated above. I've not had another problem since. I take it home, and thoroughly clean the inside of the barrel, breech (including the small diameter hole in it), and the firing pin area. Making sure all build up is gone. Then I lightly oil the inside of the barrel, not a lot cause I don't use water. Then I will shoot about a 20 gr shot with out a bullet, thru the barrel just to ensure all oil is gone. Important note: I have my gun sighted in thru a dirty barrel, not a spot less one- meaning I make sure my shot accuracy is defined by #3-#6 shots, not #1 and #2. This has given me great success and consistency Great gun, and for the $$ the best buy out there for a 300 yard gun.





Just had to add my comments on TC Hunter. Groups great with 100grains BH209, 245 grn sabots at 150 yds, scoped. Leupold 3-9x50 BDC scope. No issues with cleaning or primer nipple. Above posts I cal BS.

Oside, Ca


Breech Plug Issues


This is supposed to be a superior muzzleloader, but in my opinion, it is far from that. The breech plug is designed to be finger-tightened, but I wasn't getting enough clearance to close the breech and shoot it. I have to use the wrench to tighten it down to be able to engage the hammer. Once I put a scope on the gun, I would have to remove it to clean the barrel after 1-2 shots since the supplied wrench hits the scope. I contacted TC about this and they said the gun wasn't design for use with a scope.. hmm. Why is it drilled and tapped then? Why can you buy a TC branded scope? It is a known issue that they need to work out. No other breech plug will fit the Pro Hunter. I am considering taking a wrench, cutting and welding it to one of their other wrenches to fix the problem. If you buy this gun, good luck.

Salt Lake City, Utah


T/C Encore Pro Hunter FX Muzzleloader .50 Cal with Weather S


Don't be fooled...Extremely frustrated. I have owned the gun for a year, and have not been able to get any consistency with several different powders, bullets and have even tried changing scopes. I have the Buschnell Trophy DOA scope on & have been shooting Black Horn 209 wtih 245 power belts and 250 TC and also 250 Barnes. All results have been the same, inaccurate! Mind you I have been shooting the gun off a vice with less than satisfying results. I would advise to consider other options before purchasing. Please note I have been an avid guide/hunter for the past 20years.

Los Lunas, NM


3.0 4


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