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Swhacker 125 GR Broadheads 2.25 Inch Cut 3 pack

Swhacker 125 GR Broadheads 2.25 Inch Cut 3 pack



Swhacker's unique blade design with two seperate cutting edges allows this bone crushing broadhead to bust through hide, bone and vitals with ease. They open so fast they make a SWHACK sound when they hit the target.

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Swhacker broadheads feature a cutting wing blade design that first cuts through hide. The wing blades allow the broadhead to open, exposing the main cutting blades. The cutting blades have a virgin surface that produces a deadly cut through the vitals of the animal. The total cutting diameter is a enormous 2.25 inches producing blood trails that are hard not to find.

  • 3 pack
  • 125 grain
  • 2.25 Inch cutting diameter
  • .032 Inch stainless steel blades
  • Hardened high-carbon steel point

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