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Strike King Mr Crappie Thunder Grub

Strike King Mr Crappie Thunder Grub


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Strike King Mr Crappie Thunder Grub - Catch crappie in all kinds of cover with this quality thunder grub with Mr. Crappie's endorsement.

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Strike King Mr Crappie Thunder Grub - The thunder grub is guaranteed to help you catch more crappie. This is perfect for vertical casting, long line trolling, tight line trolling all of which will get you into the crappie and with this lure you will be bringing them in by the truckloads. This grub has been designed with a solid ripple body with a tail that flares out at 90 degrees for a high end performance.

  • 15 per package
  • Length: 1 3/4in
  • Solid ripple body
  • Tails that flare out at 90 degrees
  • Catch crappie in all types of cover
  • MPN: MRCCT134-

Item # Color Length Model Pack Qty Brand Price Order Online
1381252 Popsicle 1 3/4 in MRCCT134-174 15 Strike King $2.29
1381253 Electric Lime 1 3/4 in MRCCT134-192 15 Strike King $2.29
1381254 Cajun Cricket 1 3/4 in MRCCT134-193 15 Strike King $2.29
1381255 Purple Sage 1 3/4 in MRCCT134-223 15 Strike King $2.29
1381256 Monkey Shine 1 3/4 in MRCCT134-227 15 Strike King $2.29
1381257 Pumpkin Pie 1 3/4 in MRCCT134-230 15 Strike King $2.29

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