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Strike King KVD Finesse Spinnerbait

Strike King KVD Finesse Spinnerbait


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Strike King KVD Finesse Spinnerbait - You should always be using what the pro's are using. Kevin VanDam has teamed up with Strike King and launched this Finesse Spinnerbait that he has personally tested and added to his own arsenal that he uses.

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Strike King KVD Finesse Spinnerbait - Featuring a smaller and redesigned Perfect Skirt this bait has become perfect for all around spinnerbait fishing. The skirt has all new naturalized colors that make this spinnerbait realistic looking as well as a smaller profile then they normally have which will generate more strikes. You can count on this spinnerbait giving you much success as Kevin VanDam himself has tested this spinnerbait and has added it to his own arsenal. For a stylish look, the KVD insignia has been included on the blade of this spinnerbait.

  • Kevin VanDam approved
  • Smaller redesigned Perfect Skirt
  • Skirt has new naturalized colors
  • Realistic look and smaller profile
  • KVD insignia on blade

Item # Color Model Lure Wt Brand Price Order Online
1381177 Super Chartreuse FSB12WW-201SG 1/2 oz Strike King $6.99
1381178 Super White FSB12WW-204GS 1/2 oz Strike King $6.99
1381179 Gizzard Shad FSB12WW-511S 1/2 oz Strike King $6.99
1381180 Chrome Sexy Shad FSB12WW-514S 1/2 oz Strike King $6.99
1381181 Tennessee Shad FSB12WW-517SG 1/2 oz Strike King $6.99
1381182 Chartreuse Sexy Shad FSB12WW-538SG 1/2 oz Strike King $6.99
1381183 Green Gizzard Shad FSB12WW-568GS 1/2 oz Strike King $6.99
This item is currently not available online.
1381184 Blue Gizzard FSB12WW-583S 1/2 oz Strike King $6.99
1381185 Sexy Blue Back Herring FSB12WW-586S 1/2 oz Strike King $6.99
1381186 Sexy Shad FSB12WW-590GS 1/2 oz Strike King $6.99
1381187 Super Chartreuse FSB38CW-201SG 3/8 oz Strike King $6.99
1381188 Super White FSB38CW-204GS 3/8 oz Strike King $6.99
1381189 Gizzard Shad FSB38CW-511S 3/8 oz Strike King $6.99
1381190 Chrome Sexy Shad FSB38CW-514S 3/8 oz Strike King $6.99
1381191 Tennessee Shad FSB38CW-517SG 3/8 oz Strike King $6.99
1381192 Chartreuse Sexy Shad FSB38CW-538SG 3/8 oz Strike King $6.99
1381194 Blue Gizzard FSB38CW-583S 3/8 oz Strike King $6.99
1381195 Sexy Blue Back Herring FSB38CW-586S 3/8 oz Strike King $6.99
1381196 Sexy Shad FSB38CW-590GS 3/8 oz Strike King $6.99

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