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Stren Original Mono Fishing Line

Stren Original Mono Fishing Line

$2.99 - $9.99

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Stren Original Mono Fishing Line - Instantly recognizable, no other line is as widely acclaimed as the Stren Original mono fishing line.

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Stren Original Mono Fishing Line - Casting effortlessly, anglers have continuously chosen the Stren Original Mono line as their line of choice to help them catch more fish and win more tournaments. The Stren Original line ties great knots and offers the perfect balance of strength and sensitivity. With low memory for easy casting and handling the Stren Original mono line has endless uses.

  • Perfect balance of strength and toughness
  • Superior knot and tensile strength
  • Tough and abrasion resistant
  • Low memory
  • UV Guard

Item # Color Size Length Model Brand Price Order Online
1396323 Clear/Blue Fl. 4lb 100yd SOPS4-26 Stren $2.99
1396324 Clear/Blue Fl. 6lb 100yd SOPS6-26 Stren $2.99
1396325 Clear/Blue Fl. 8lb 100yd SOPS8-26 Stren $2.99
1396326 Clear/Blue Fl. 10lb 100yd SOPS10-26 Stren $3.79
1396327 Clear/Blue Fl. 12lb 100yd SOPS12-26 Stren $3.79
1396328 Clear 4lb 330yd SOFS4-15 Stren $7.49
1396329 Clear 6lb 330yd SOFS6-15 Stren $7.49
1396330 Clear 8lb 330yd SOFS8-15 Stren $7.49
1396331 Clear 10lb 330yd SOFS10-15 Stren $8.99
1396332 Clear 12lb 330yd SOFS12-15 Stren $8.99
1396333 Clear 14lb 330yd SOFS14-15 Stren $8.99
1396334 Clear 17lb 330yd SOFS17-15 Stren $8.99
1396335 Clear 20lb 330yd SOFS20-15 Stren $9.99
1396336 Clear 4lb 330yd SOFS4-26 Stren $7.49
1396337 Clear/Blue Fl. 6lb 330yd SOFS6-26 Stren $7.49
1396338 Clear/Blue Fl. 8lb 330yd SOFS8-26 Stren $7.49
1396339 Clear/Blue Fl. 10lb 330yd SOFS10-26 Stren $8.99
1396340 Clear/Blue Fl. 12lb 330yd SOFS12-26 Stren $8.99
1396341 Clear/Blue Fl. 14lb 330yd SOFS14-26 Stren $8.99
1396342 Clear/Blue Fl. 17lb 330yd SOFS17-26 Stren $8.99
1396343 Clear/Blue Fl. 20lb 330yd SOFS20-26 Stren $9.99
1396344 Hi-Vis Gold 4lb 330yd SOFS4-GD Stren $7.49
1396345 Hi-Vis Gold 6lb 330yd SOFS6-GD Stren $7.49
1396346 Hi-Vis Gold 8lb 330yd SOFS8-GD Stren $7.49
1396347 Hi-Vis Gold 10lb 330yd SOFS10-GD Stren $8.99
1396348 Hi-Vis Gold 12lb 330yd SOFS12-GD Stren $8.99
1396349 Hi-Vis Gold 14lb 330yd SOFS14-GD Stren $8.99
1396350 Hi-Vis Gold 17lb 330yd SOFS17-GD Stren $8.99
1396351 Hi-Vis Gold 20lb 330yd SOFS20-GD Stren $9.99
1396352 Lo-Vis Green 4lb 330yd SOFS4-22 Stren $7.49
1396353 Lo-Vis Green 6lb 330yd SOFS6-22 Stren $7.49
1396354 Lo-Vis Green 8lb 330yd SOFS8-22 Stren $7.49
1396355 Lo-Vis Green 10lb 330yd SOFS10-22 Stren $8.99
1396356 Lo-Vis Green 12lb 330yd SOFS12-22 Stren $8.99
1396357 Lo-Vis Green 14lb 330yd SOFS14-22 Stren $8.99
1396358 Lo-Vis Green 17lb 330yd SOFS17-22 Stren $8.99
1396359 Lo-Vis Green 20lb 330yd SOFS20-22 Stren $9.99

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