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Stansport Portable Toilet

Stansport Portable Toilet



Stansport Portable Toilets - A fold up toilet with a durable white plastic molded seat and heavy duty tubular steel legs.

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Stansport Portable Toilets - Durable white plastic molded seat. Heavy duty tubular steel legs. Bags are held in place by a removable plastic ring. Folds up compactly. Includes 6 bags. Weight limit is 225 lbs.

  • Plastic Molded Seat
  • Steel Legs
  • Includes 6 Bags
  • Weight limit is 225 lbs

never buy this product


take care at the time of assemble the product, the last time i fall on the floor and i hurt my shoulder.

tucson az.


Ive had mine for many years now.


This product used by its self is kinda spooky for people of more than average size. However, I have discovered that the frame fits perfectly over a 5 gallon bucket. And once you combine the surface area and structural support of the bucket with the strength of the steel frame of the toilet theres no reason to worry about it not suporting your weight. The only issue Ive had is the seat opening being a lil smaller than I would prefer. All in all its a great product!

Ogden, Utah


Stansport Portable Toilet


It is simple and works well. I take it to remote lakes and campgrounds and place it inside my shower shelter. I am honestly 220, my friends are 200 and 210 and no one was "pinched" or "crashed" in it. I wouldn't just plop down on it and I wouldn't be unwary of its possible collapse should you place all of your weight on it. But it is simple, cheap, effective and easy to use.

Reno, NV

Stansport Portable Toilet


Yes it is cheap, but yes it does work.. I have had this little potty for over 15 years. Started using it for my small kids so I wouldn't have to keep walking to the restrooms while camping. Now I use it so I don't have to take a walk in the middle of the nite. It does hold 200 lbs. has for years. Not like I sit there long however. The hole is not huge but my fat butt fits. I'm not a guy so I don't know about standing and aiming or fitting other parts. But for a cheap small folding quick place to pee pot.. it's great.

Sacramento, CA

Stansport Portable Toilet


I purchased this portable toilet at the store in Fort Collins used it on one trip and was not impressed. Anyone over 150 lbs cannot sit on it without fear of it colapsing and men find the opening is so small that certain body parts get pinched inside the frame when sitting down. Not well designed and not sturdy enough.

Northplatte, NE


3.0 5


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