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Stack-On 8 Gun Steel Security Cabinet
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Stack-On 8 Gun Steel Security Cabinet
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Stack-On 8 Gun Steel Security Cabinet



Stack-On 8 Gun Steel Security Cabinet - This Stack-On Security Cabinet holds 8 rifles or shotguns up to 54 inches tall and includes a removable shelf for additional storage.

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Stack-On 8 Gun Steel Security Cabinet - This all-steel gun cabinet features a 3 point locking system with a double bitted, key coded lock providing even greater security for your firearms. Approved by the California Department of Justice as meeting their standards for firearm safety. The cabinet holds 8 rifles or shotguns up to 54 inches tall. Includes a removable shelf. The shelf is positioned in the front of the cabinet so longer guns can be stored along the back wall of the unit (There is a gap between the back of the shelf and the back wall of the cabinet). It's foam padded bottom reduces the chance of scratching your guns finish. Wall fastening hardware is included with each safe. Made in the USA. NOTE: All safe purchases must be shipped to a Sportsman's Warehouse store location. Shipping is free on all Ship-To-Store orders.

  • Exterior Dimensions: 21in W x 10in D x 55in H
  • Weight: 69.8 lbs
  • Interior Capacity: 8 guns plus removable shelf
  • Number of Shelves: 1
  • Locking Points: 3
  • Color: Black gloss paint finish with chrome accents

    Recommended for basic firearm security


    I purchased one of these cabinets years ago, and another one a month ago. The style and quality remains on par with what I expect, and what I am happy with. This is a basic security cabinet that will do the trick for storing firearms securely, and stopping people who aren't looking for much of a challenge. This security cabinet will stop some common thieves, but anyone really looking to get in won't have much trouble. I would argue that stopping determined thieves isn't the purpose of this cabinet, and the price reflects that. It will do a great job for those looking to keep honest people honest, kids safe, and common thieves at bay. I've been happy with this product overall and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it or buy any Stack-On product like this.



    Nice little cabinet.


    First off this is not a gun safe. If you need/want a heavy steel gun safe this is not it. What it is, is a nice, metal lockable cabinet. The steel is thicker than I thought it would be and its got a nice gloss finish on it. It has a strong key (not a tiny, about to break, cheap lock style) and the door has three locking points - top, middle and bottom. If feels fairly secure when locked. There is a plastic shelf that will hold light items but I'd be careful how much weight you put on it. There are also holes for bolting it to the floor or a wall and some larger screws and washers included. If you're looking to lock up a few things to keep 'curious' eyes and fingers off things this will do the trick and I'm really happy with it.

    Salt Lake City


    Nice Cabinet, bought for the dimensions and price!


    If i weren't a general handyman I would rate this lower so perhaps 3 stars would be more appropriate. For those who complain about thickness buy a Safe not a Locking Cabinet. As some have complained, shorter rifles will not reach the bracket to hold the rifles straight up or their sights will rest on it, i lowered these brackets drilling 2 holes for each. The shelf is not very deep, this allowed me to drill 4 holes and lower the shelf to a height that would suit all rifles while allowing long rifle barrels to slide up behind the shelf. Where the shelf is designed to be, I added a standard (hardware store) wood shelf which took up all the space. This made the safe much more usable while capable of accommodating up to eight 45 inch long rifles. If i started fresh I would paint the inside with high gloss white paint (preferably roll on protective liner) and I intend to add a simple battery powered light inside above the door facing inward. These can be found in Peel & Stick. Hope this helps!

    Fresno, CA


    Stack-On 8 Gun Steel Security Cabinet


    Nothing too fancy but it does the job great. I have the safe bolted to the floor and a wall so I don't worry about it getting stolen or falling in an earthquake. It doesn't have a ton of extra firearm room. I can fit in a mix of 8 rifles and shotguns, but only just. It has a little bit of space above the guns where I put a little ammo, my rangefinder, and bino's. Good well built safe.

    Lancaster, CA

    Stack-On 8 Gun Steel Security Cabinet


    I have a couple of these safes to store my rifles, ammunition and other gear. It's a great option for basic firearms and is a sturdy safe.

    Loa, UT


    4.4 5


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