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Seaguar ABRAZX Fluorocarbon Line

Seaguar ABRAZX Fluorocarbon Line

$23.99 - $29.99

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Seaguar ABRAZX Fluorocarbon Line - Designed for heavy cover yet suitable for all conditions. AbrazX can be used in both Spinning Reels and Bait Casting Reels.

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Seaguar ABRAZX Fluorocarbon Line - Designed for heavy cover yet suitable for all conditions. AbrazX can be used in both Spinning Reels and Bait Casting Reels. The line has exceptional knot and impact strength and is extremely soft and sensitive for better feel and smoother casting. As with all 100% Fluorocarbon products, AbrazX is much less visible underwater than monofilament line and virtually invisible to fish. The line is also UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-absorbent, high-density and impervious to cold conditions.

  • Increased Strength
  • Level Wind Technology
  • Seaguar's new AbrazX brand main line tested TWICE as abrasion resistant vs. leading competitor fluorocarbon lines
  • Made from 100 percent Seaguar resins and produced using our proprietary extrusion process
  • AbrazX is the best-in-class product for abrasion resistance

One of the best


This line is as limp as most mono lines. Its strong and abrasion resistant. If your using floro if any kind it's best to use it as a short leader attached to braid. If you spool floro on a bait caster and don't use lube conditioner or stretch the line prior to fishing it's going to coil just like any other line.

Southern Utah


I would rather burn my gear...


This is hands down the worst line I have ever used. Line was put on a brand new spinning reel (yes the line matched the reel). This line has tangled, twisted, & snapped during casting more than anything I have ever used. I've lost 3 fish and eight lures/rigs in the last three fishing trips over the span of a little more than a month. Like I started out with, I would rather burn my gear than to put this line back on.

Lake Murray SC


Seaguar INVIZX


I bought this in 6lb and have been using it as leader material attached to Power Pro for drop shotting and other finesse tactics. The first time I used it I was just having fun tossing a 4" wacky rigged Dinger for 10-15" largemouth on a light action spinning rod. Well, a 20" bass inhaled my bait and this line handled it like a champ. After I finally landed the bass, I was impressed by the lack of abrasion on the line, even though the fish was hooked towards the back of the mouth. I bought some more in 8lb and will likely get some more in heavier weights for pitching plastics to flooded brush this spring. Great stuff!

Clarkston, UT

Seaguar INVIZX


I love this line! I have found it to be very managable, similar to mono. Just using the eyeball test, it does not appear to cast light lures as well as Triline XL or P-line florclear, but casts far enough. IT IS STRONG. The proof was landing a 4lb brown trout.

Ft Collins, CO

Seaguar INVIZX


I bought this line in 12lb test for my Revo3 bait caster and all I can say is that I wouldn't ever buy it again. It been on the reel for just over a month now. This stuff has a ton of memory to it. I wish I could post a picture of how it looks when I take some off the spool.

Farr West, UT


3.4 5


Item # Size Length Model Diameter Brand Price Order Online
1240502 10 lb 200 yd 10 AX 200 .010 in Seaguar $23.99
1240501 8 lb 200 yd 08 AX 200 .009 in Seaguar $23.99
1240500 6 lb 200 yd 06 AX 200 .008 in Seaguar $23.99
1240504 15 lb 200 yd 15 AX 200 .013 in Seaguar $24.99
1240503 12 lb 200 yd 12 AX 200 .011 in Seaguar $23.99
1410047 17 lb 200 yd 17AX200 .015 in Seaguar $25.99
1410050 20 lb 200 yd 20AX200 .016 in Seaguar $26.99
1410052 25 lb 200 yd 25AX200 .017 in Seaguar $29.99

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