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Savage Stevens 320 Field Grade/Security Combo Pump Shotgun

Savage Stevens 320 Field Grade/Security Combo Pump Shotgun


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Savage Stevens 320 Field Grade/Security Combo Pump Shotgun -The Stevens 320 shotguns are well-built imported models carefully selected for their performance and value and provide many features only found on more expensive models.

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Savage Stevens 320 Field Grade/Security Combo Pump Shotgun -The 320 Pump Field model features a proven rotary bolt design and dual slide bars for reliable operation. The receiver is a bottom load with right eject. This combo comes with two carbon steel barrels - the field is a 28" vent-rib barrel with a bead sight and the security is an 18" barrel with a bead sight.

  • Black Synthetic Stock
  • Carbon Steel Barrel
  • Combo Package

Good gun for the pricd


Right out of the box fires low and high brass no problems. Seems like a very high quality gun for couple hundred bucks. Comparing to my Benelli seems like a very nice gun for the money. Nice smooth action just need to get full choke for it.

Preston idaho




I took this gun duck hunting this is a duck killing machine I love it

Gilbert sc


Good service from Savage


I had a problem with my first one, Savage said send back, and a few days later got a brand new one, no questions asked. Works well. The bolt on this is supposed to partially come back after firing. This is a Winchester 1300 clone, and they were designed to do that.





Amazing for the price. Bought it for my wife. nailed the clays like you would not believe. Light weight, powerful and easy to swing around.

Central Valley, Westside CA


You get what you pay for, but...


I bought this shotgun with the idea of using it as a home defense weapon. When I took it to the range, the first round from the magazine failed to fire. I ejected the shell, the next round fired. I reloaded the first round and it fired. I tried other types of shells and found with 5 rounds in the magazine, the first round from the magazine failed to fire until I had gone through a couple dozen rounds of various types, including slugs (I was using the short barrel). Break in issue? I will have to fire several boxes of shells through this shotgun and have consistent, first round shots before I trust this gun to defensive use. Another issue: When firing full power loads such as rifled slugs and double ought buck, after each shot the slide comes back on its own, which may or may not be with enough force to eject the fired shell. The slide should not open unless the shooter pulls it open. If the problem persists I will try to resolve the problem with Savage/Stevens. This one may end up as a safe queen to be brought out only for casual plinking. Made in China.

Washougal, WA



4.0 5


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320 Field & Security Combo 12 Gauge Matte Black 18.5" & 28" 2-3/4" & 3" 5+1 Black Synthetic 18.5" = Fixed Cylinder & 28" = Fixed Modified 38.25" & 47.75" 7.5 lbs $229.99
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