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Savage Gear Real Trout Lure

Savage Gear Real Trout Lure

$5.29 - $9.99

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Savage Gear Real Trout Lure - The ultimate realism that is built into the Savage Gear Real Trout lure which has used a real trout hatchery and a 3D scan to revolutionize the lure and its features. Available in three realistic color patterns for all types of fishing.

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Savage Gear Real Trout Lure - With an internal jig head and the realistic features of the Savage Gear Real Trout lure you will be able to perform at a higher level and bring in those bigger fish. The swimming action produces a realistic side to side swimming that is created from the kicking paddle tail and guarantees a lifelike performance. With an ultra sharp and super strong hook this lure will be able to withstand those big fighting fish and you work to reel them in. This lure is available in 5 inches, 7 inches, and 8 inches and in three different realistic color options.

  • Ultimate realistic features
  • Internal jig head
  • Ultra sharp and strong hook
  • Kicking paddle tail
  • Available in 5 in, 7 in, & 8 in
  • Available in Dark Trout, Light Trout, & Hitch colors

Item # Color Length Model Brand Price Order Online
1380058 Light Trout 5 in RT-SB125-LT Savage Gear $5.29
1380065 Baby Bass 7 in RT-SB-170-BB Savage Gear $7.49
1380066 Light Trout 8 in RT-SB-200-LT Savage Gear $9.99
1380059 Dark Trout 5 in RT-SB125-DT Savage Gear $5.29
1380063 Dark Trout 7 in RT-SB-170-DT Savage Gear $7.49
This item is currently not available online.
1380069 Baby Bass 8 in RT-SB-200-BB Savage Gear $9.99
1380062 Light Trout 7 in RT-SB-170-LT Savage Gear $7.49
1380068 Hitch 8 in RT-SB-200-H Savage Gear $9.99
1380064 Hitch 7 in RT-SB-170-H Savage Gear $7.49
1380067 Dark Trout 8 in RT-SB-200-DT Savage Gear $9.99
1380061 Baby Bass 5 in RT-SB125-BB Savage Gear $5.29
1380060 Hitch 5 in RT-SB125-H Savage Gear $5.29

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