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Rocky Mountain Tackle Tsunami Mini Dodger

Rocky Mountain Tackle Tsunami Mini Dodger


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Rocky Mountain Tackle Tsunami Mini Dodger -Ideal for ultra light trolling applications, The Tsunami's are a go to for all kokanee fishermen.

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Rocky Mountain Tackle Tsunami Mini Dodger -Our Dual Threat Mini Dodgers are custom painted and then UV clear coated on one side with glow paint on the under side for optimum performance.

  • Ideal for ultra light trolling
  • UV Clear coated
  • Custom painted

Ive had excellent catches with these dodgers


I fish a lake in Southern UT . I troll them with a 5WT flyrod , 10lb mono unweighted to 1/4 oz weight . !2 " 10 lb leader and a # 2 olive woolybuger . It also works with a strung night crawler , same 12" leader . You want the fly or worm to swim ,. Average catch is 20 + trout in the mornings. The hits double with a 5l16 "ball of powerbait on the hook . They all work , my favorite is the watermelon .

Circleville UT



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Item # Color Length Model Brand Price Order Online
1352699 UV Glow Pink Dual Threat 3 in 79585 Rocky Mountain Tackle $6.29
1361492 UV Glow Orange Dual Threat 3 in 79586 Rocky Mountain Tackle $6.29
1354768 UV Glow Chart & Green Dual Threat 3 in 75989 Rocky Mountain Tackle $6.29
1392915 UV Pink 3 in 79590 Rocky Mountain Tackle $6.29
1392916 UV Orange 3 in 79591 Rocky Mountain Tackle $6.29
1352669 UV Watermelon 3 in 79592 Rocky Mountain Tackle $6.29

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