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Rio Royal BlueSteel 12ga 3in Steel Shotshells

Rio Royal BlueSteel 12ga 3in Steel Shotshells

$11.99 - $12.99

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Rio Royal BlueSteel 12ga 3in Steel Shotshells - Rio BlueSteel is loaded with perfectly spherical steel shot. This results in more consistent patterning. It also aids in downrange penetration.

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Rio Royal BlueSteel 12ga 3in Steel Shotshells - The perfectly spherical shape of Rio Ammunitions BlueSteel will retain energy further downfield. This energy will put more birds in the blind. The shape also aids in consistent patterning and greater efficiency.

  • Gauge: 12
  • Shell Length: 3in
  • Load: 1-1/4oz
  • Dram Equiv: MAX
  • Velocity: 1400fps
  • Rounds Per Box: 25

New favorite duck load.


I first picked up a box of 3in 1 1/4 oz #4 shot not at sportsman's Warehouse because it was all they had and I was fresh out of shells. I know buy them every time at sportsman's Warehouse because they have the best price and have plenty in stock. First round I shot folded a nice big northern green head, I was amazed at the knock down power and the consistency of the shells. I have come to a conclusion that they pattern fantastic in my Carlson's mid range choke tube. Next season I will be using nothing but Rios. They're quick clean killing and the least expensive 1 1/4 oz shell I have found.

Seattle Washington


Great shells


Guy I work with told me about the shells he brought me in 2 boxes so far every bird I have shot has hit the water dead not even as much as a wing to flutter I am very impressed with the shells for the price I won't be buying anything else One shot dead bird can't beat that in my book

Memphis TN


Rio Royal BlueSteel 12ga 3in Steel Shotshells


Love these shells GREAT knock down power! Pattern great in my benelli nova. I shoot the 3inch 1 1/8oz or 1 1/4oz in shot size 4 and love them for any duck up to mallard. I never get any cripple's with this load. Dead before they hit the water. This is my go to load when duck hunting and have no complaints. Try them you won't be disappointed!

Newport News, VA

Rio Royal BlueSteel 12ga 3in Steel Shotshells


A buddy gave me some of these to try. Excellent shells for the price. Good knock down with out the price of the big name stuff. It is a little dirty though but nothing to terrible. I am sold on this and will always choose RIO.

perry , IA

Rio Ammunition 12ga 3 inch Royal BlueSteel 1 1/4oz Waterfowl


I started using Rio ammo half way through last duck season because I liked the price. I was surprised with just how well it shot. It has patterned better than than any premium shells I've used. The best part is that it shoots clean so clean up is not a big deal. Great ammo for the money.

Cedar Hills , UT


5.0 5


Item # Weight Model Gauge Shot Size Brand Price Order Online
1302327 1 1/4 oz RBSM364 12 Gauge 4 Rio Ammunition $12.99
1302328 1 1/4 oz RBSM362 12 Gauge 2 Rio Ammunition $12.99
This item is currently not available online.
1302329 1 1/4 oz RBSM36BB 12 Gauge BB Rio Ammunition $12.99
1302322 1 1/8 oz RBSM326 12 Gauge 6 Rio Ammunition $11.99
1302324 1 1/8 oz RBSM324 12 Gauge 4 Rio Ammunition $11.99
1302325 1 1/8 oz RBSM322 12 Gauge 2 Rio Ammunition $11.99
This item is currently not available online.

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