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Rio Products Avid 24ft Sinking Tip Fishing Line

Rio Products Avid 24ft Sinking Tip Fishing Line


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Rio Products Avid 24ft Sinking Tip Fishing Line - This line was developed and has been tested for the fly fisher that enjoys great quality and the latest technologies in their fishing gear and tackle to help enhance and improve the overall fishing experience.

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Rio Products Avid 24ft Sinking Tip Fishing Line - Using a special bond of two separate coating layers on one line, the Avid series of fly line uses the AgentX technology to optimize specific performance features for each type of fishing line and each anglers needs. The inner layer uses a more bouyant material while the outer layer of the AgentX technology is formulated for shooting ability and ultimate toughness. The sinking tip technology gets the fly down deep right into the strike zone. The casting has been improved and made easier with the taper style of this line.

  • Puts flies down deep into the strike zone
  • Perfect for fishing streamers to trout and steelhead
  • Floating sections makes it easy to mend
  • Taper has been designed for easy casting

Avid sink tip is step-up from Outbound


Concern over losing the 40ft. sink-tip, Outbound series in my box, was silenced as soon as i cast the Avid line. The 24ft. sink tip handled well, pickup's are easily setup and the slickness rating is above average. The Avid line performed well under stillwater conditions, and visability of the running line was exellent. Considering today's high flyline prices, the Avid series is a very good value.




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Item # Color Size Length Model Brand Depth Price Order Online
1382702 Black/Pale Yellow 250gr 90ft 6-20147 Rio Products 6.4 Inches Per Second $59.99
1382703 Black/Pale Yellow 300gr 90ft 6-20148 Rio Products 7.3 Inches Per Second $59.99
1382704 Black/Pale Yellow 350gr 90ft 6-20149 Rio Products 8.0 Inches Per Second $59.99
1407721 Black/Pale Yellow 150 gr 90 ft 6-20145 Rio Products 4.7 Inches Per Second $59.99
1407722 Black/Pale Yellow 200 gr 90 ft 6-20146 Rio Products 5.5 Inches Per Second $59.99

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