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Remington 12ga Wads

Remington 12ga Wads


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Remington 12ga Wads - Our one-piece shot cup / wad columns remain the unmatched choice for everything from heavy, 10 gauge magnums to the lightest small-bore target loads - including the .410.

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Remington 12ga Wads - For critical 12-gauge clay target loads, our exclusive Figure 8 wad belongs on every reloading bench. For 1-oz. 12-gauge loads, use our volume calibrated TGT-12 wad. Both the Figure 8 and TGT-12 wads feature a stitched petal design that helps keeps wads separated for easier reloading and are interchangeable with the non-stitched versions.

  • Target Load Power Piston One-Piece Wads
  • Packaged 500 count



Been using these for my 1 1/8oz trap loads for past 7yrs. They oerform well amd will continue to use them.

Puyallup, WA


Remington Wads 12


I have used these Remington Wads since I got into trap-shooting in the late nineties. I am not a championship shooter; in fact, I no longer bother to compete at all, as it is too expensive to do so. However, I have always been pleased with my "informal," practice scores using the Remington Figure 8, 12-gauge wad (white) for 1-1/8 oz loads. In fact, once upon a time I broke 196 legal trap targets in a row using my pet load, which includes this wad, before dropping target #197. I then broke the remaining 3 targets for 199 broken targets out of 200. These wads produce shotshell loads that will shoot better than I will ever be able to.

Albuquerque, NM

Remington Wads 12


Excellent Product

Tucson, AZ


5.0 3


Item # Weight Gauge Brand Price Order Online
1004209 1 1/8 oz 12 Gauge Remington $14.99
316952 1 1/8 oz 12 Gauge Remington $14.99

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