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    red dot holographic scopes
    Vortex Optics
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    Find a New Holographic Sight or Red Dot Scope for Your Hunting Season Whether you’re hunting big or small game, you’re going to need an accurate red dot scope. There’s no better sight than the holographic sights and red dot sights at Sportsman’s Warehouse. Top red dot sight brands like Vortex, TruGlo, and Bushnell are available for avid and amateur hunters alike. Lock onto your target faster and more precisely than ever with the help of our high-performance sights.

    So why exactly do you need red dot optics? Because halo sights and red dot sights provide a number of advantages while you’re out in the wild:

    • Easier aiming. Rather than lining up traditional iron sights, holographic sights provide crosshairs for your convenience. A lighted target illuminates the red dot scope so you can lock in on your next trophy.
    • Incredible durability. Many halo sights are shockproof, waterproof, and fogproof. There’s no rusting, bending, or wearing when you trek with your rifle through the snow-laden ground or up a wind-battered tree.
    • Concentrated target. The tubular design of red dot scopes eliminates distractions while focusing on your target. Conversely, the best holographic sights offer an increased field-of-vision and deliver magnification.

    You’ll never miss a shot again when you grab the best holographic sights from Sportsman’s Warehouse. Ensure you find the best sight for your firearm. A proper scope will give you bragging rights by helping you land the biggest rack on the wall.

    How to Find the Right Fitting Halo Sight

    Of course a well-fitted scope is the key to accuracy. To ensure the perfect placement on your rifle, try to split the difference between the muzzle and the butt of the gun. Modern rifles will feature a rail on top of the receiver for easy placement. Most likely this rail will be one of two options:

    1. Picatinny Rail. This type of mounting platform offers transverse slots. Best used for heavier red dot scopes, the angular construction of picatinny rails allow for the attachment of multiple accessories for the avid outdoorsman or woman.
    2. Weaver Rail. Similar in structure to the picatinny rail, this set up features parallel rails with perpendicular slots. A weaver rail mount will work on either a picatinny rail or weaver rail. The further a weaver rail sight is pushed toward the front, the less play will be in the mechanism.

    While there’s plenty of jargon involved with selecting the correct holographic site or red dot scope, keep a couple of main points in mind. You’ll need the correct type of scope to fit with your rifle, so align your newest purchase from Sportsman’s Warehouse to the systems detailed above. You’ll also want to keep in mind what type of hunting you’re planning on doing. A picatinny rail scope is heavier, but also better for longer range shooting. If you plan for shorter range and want a lighter rail, choose a weaver rail scope.

    Advantages of Red Dot Optics and Halo Sights

    What’s better than a relaxing day spent out in the woods taking on nature’s best? Nothing. That’s why hunting needs to be as convenient as possible. Instead of struggling with iron sights, outfit your firearm with one of the market’s best holographic sights or red dot scopes.

    Thanks to the advances of technology, a more concentrated focus is available to those who choose to upgrade their rifle. Your target is in sight every time. Concentrating on the front sight while your target roams past the back sight is a hunting tactic of the past — just as fighting low-light conditions is. Illuminated holographic sights provide an easier time by containing a bright or glowing front sight.

    Make Each Hunting Trip a Success

    Red dot optics are lightweight, accurate, and easy to use. Magnification alone delivers a superior experience to that of stock iron sights. If you’re looking for a greater field of vision, check out the best holographic sights available.

    If you’d rather narrow your view, look no further than Sportsman’s Warehouse’s red dot sights. Added light, excellent durability, and a sleek look all add to the list of reasons of why you should examine the possibilities. Browse our selection of sights and enjoy your most successful hunting season yet with the help of a new red dot sight.