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Rage 2 Blade Chisel Tip SC Broadhead

Rage 2 Blade Chisel Tip SC Broadhead



Rage 2 Blade Chisel Tip SC Broadhead - The most popular Rage Broadhead is now available with a chisel tip. The bone crushing power of the chisel tip with the massive 2 inch cutting diameter will put down game fast.

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Rage 2 Blade Chisel Tip SC Broadhead - One of the most popular broadheads in history is the Rage 2 Blade Broadhead. They have taken the massive 2 inch cutting diameter, rear deployment broadhead and gave it a bone piercing Helix-Cut chisel point. The chisel point blazes through hide and bone, and the blades cut a enormous 2 inch path through animals for the fastest, most humane recovery.

  • Improved Shock CollarTM Technology
  • Special Chisel Tip Design for Bone Busting Power
  • Tough, .035" Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Blades
  • 2" Cutting Diameter
  • Includes free practice head
  • 100 Grain
  • 3 pack
  • MPN: 65100

would never buy this ....junk


this rage broadhead is no good..i used one this year and got a 4x3 blacktail clean double lung shot at 30 yrds. deer ran close to half a mile. after tracking it down it looked as if the broadhead did not deploy... bottom line if your looking for fast clean kill dont use this..

penn valley cal


Everything Rage said it would be!!


Have been hunting with this broad head the last few years. It has worked perfectly with out a problem on all things large and small. the blood trails are awesome , and what it does to bone is amazing!! I will keep shooting them as long as they keep making them!!




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