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Pro Shot Police Kit 22 Caliber

Pro Shot Police Kit 22 Caliber



Pro Shot Police Kit 22 Caliber - This is a high quality pistol cleaning kit. Contains an 8" stationary handle stainless steel rod, patch holder, muzzle guard and brush.

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Pro Shot Police Kit 22 Caliber - Pro-Shot cleaning rods have a mirrorlike jeweled finish that is more dense and hardened due to an added new step in the rod manufacturing process. The hardened dense jeweled mirrorlike finish of these rods do not pick up and carry abrasive grit or dirt through the bore. This makes the pro-shot rod the best type of gun cleaning rod to use. These steel rods will last for many years and will take the harsh chemical action of the new bore solvents and not deteriorate. No adaptor is needed. Pro-shot rods are threaded #8-32 and will accept all major American cleaning rod accessories. The rod rotates in the handle, allowing bore brush to spiral with rifling and clean the grooves of the rifling completely. These one piece rods come in a clear plastic tube, reusable for safe rod storage.

Pro-Shot Products offer the ultimate in firearms maintenance. The longevity and accuracy potential of your firearms depend on the quality of care taken in use and storage. Pro-Shot Products has developed the finest equipment and supplies to achieve the highest expectation of firearms care.

  • Includes .22 cal Bronze Brush
  • 8" Stainless Rod
  • .22 cal Jag
  • Muzzle Guard

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