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Powerbelt Copper AeroTip Muzzleloader Bullets
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Powerbelt Copper AeroTip Muzzleloader Bullets
Comments: Take a look at the power of Powerbelt

Powerbelt Copper AeroTip Muzzleloader Bullets

$22.99 - $54.99

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Powerbelt Copper AeroTip Muzzleloader Bullets - are the most advanced muzzleloading bullets ever developed, with all of the benefits of saboted bullets but none of the problems.

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Powerbelt Copper AeroTip Muzzleloader Bullets - Like sabots, the PowerBelt Bullet’s patented snap-on base creates a perfect gas seal, providing consistent pressures, optimized spin, and superior accuracy. But unlike sabots, PowerBelt Bullets are full-caliber sized, easier to load, and don’t require cleaning after every shot. The AeroLite™ Series is designed for standard loads.

  • PowerBelt Bullets 15 pk
  • .50 Cal
  • Patented snap-on base creates a perfect gas seal
  • Copper
  • AeroTip
  • Easier to load
  • Cleaning not required after every sho
  • Designed for standard loads

Powerbelt Copper AT Muzzleloader Bullets


I use these bullets in my CVA rifle and love the knockdown and killing power of them!! I've shot 3 deer in the late muzzleloader season in Nevada, none of the three deer have gone over 20 yards after being hit. I recommend these bullets to all my friends!

Las Vegas, NV


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Item # Caliber Grains Pack Qty Brand Price Order Online
1240744 .50 Cal 245 50 Powerbelt Bullets $54.99
315605 .50 Cal 348 15 Powerbelt Bullets $24.99
315606 .50 Cal 295 15 Powerbelt Bullets $24.99
315607 .54 CAL 348 15 Powerbelt Bullets $24.99
316490 .45 CAL 225 15 Powerbelt Bullets $24.99
318360 .50 Cal 245 15 Powerbelt Bullets $24.99
This item is currently not available online.
1382284 .50 Cal 223 15 Powerbelt Bullets $22.99

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