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Parker High Velocity Crossbow Bolts

Parker High Velocity Crossbow Bolts



Parker High Velocity Crossbow Bolts- The RED HOT High Velocity Crossbow Arrow comes in a six-pack and are great for high-speed bow shooting.

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Parker High Velocity Crossbow Bolts- The RED HOT High Velocity Crossbow Arrow features Built-in Weight Forward technology to deliver superior down-range accuracy with a broadhead. Engineered with the tightest tolerances, the strong and durable RED HOT arrow works seamlessly with today's crossbows.
Engineered for today's crossbows shooting over 300 fps.
Built in Weight forward design for superior accuracy and penetration.
Exclusive "Hevi-Hit" oversized insert (51 grains) increases penetration and shaft strength.
Buff Tuff layer in external wrap of carbon for superior strength and durability.
Front 2/3 of arrow: Heavier Buff Tuff material for added strength and penetration.
Back 1/3 of arrow: Lighter and stiffer Buff Tuff Plus aids in recovery out of bow.
Laser checked for consistent straightness and spine tolerances.
Mag-Nock Moon nock (13.7 grains) for added level of safety and performance.
Half moon nocks are by far the best way to ensure that critical string-to-nock connection is consistent every time.
Fusion Vanes by Duravanes (NEW for 2009).
Optimum F.O.C balance for superior down range accuracy.
Recommended for 100 gr. broadheads.

  • Length: 20"
  • Diameter: 24/64" (0.348")
  • Tolerance: + /- .0025"
  • Mass Weight: 310 grains (no point)
  • Grains per Inch: 12.6 (shaft)
  • Insert: HEVI-HIT Aluminum
  • Nock: Mag Nock (Moon)
  • Vanes: 2.1" Fusion vane

Red Hot Crossbow Bolts


I use Parker Tornado F4 crossbow, I just purchase, new with Parker's Red Hot High Velocity Crossbow Bolts. Right out of the box while at the store. I lost two (2) rosters (a white vine on two arrows, on the 1st four (4) shots) into a target. We found the two rosters and the dealer placed them back on. He marked them with a marker. Sense then, I've loss the rosters on the remaining 4 arrows & had to reattach them. Other than the rosters coming off. These arrows are strong and can take a betting.

Jacksonville, NC


Parker High Velocity Crossbow Bolts


These bolt's are very tuff straight flight with Montec G5 broadhead's they are deadly shot one into wrecked bus bolt went 8 inche's thru the door had to see true strenth can't wait to hunt brown bears with it.

Anchorage, AK


4.5 2


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