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    Buyer's Guide

    Sportsman’s Warehouse offers a wide variety of kayaks and canoes at low prices. Shop our selection of canoe and kayak accessories, life jackets, paddles and more for your paddlesport needs.

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    Paddlesports Buyer's Guide

    Paddle sports are all about enjoying nature and being out on the water. There are many health benefits associated with paddling. The wide range of activity levels offered through kayaking and canoeing makes it a great pastime for people of all ages. Whether you plan on kayaking through some whitewater or canoeing across a lake it's important to have a good understanding of what gear you're going to need in order to have a fun and safe trip. This buyer's guide will help you determine what you will need in order to make sure your paddle sports adventure turns out great.Read More ...

    Kayaks and Kayak Accessories

    Kayaking offers an adventurous way to enjoy nature while being a great form of exercise. Kayaking allows you to discover nature while promoting your health. You can swiftly traverse a winding river filled with whitewater or set off across an ocean bay. No matter the locale be sure you have the kayaking accessories that you will need before you set off on your trip.


    Kayaks vary in size and shape depending on what activities you plan on engaging in. A shorter kayak will allow you more control and maneuverability but will cost you a little extra paddle work, while a longer kayak will be less maneuverable but will be easier to move across the water. A wider kayak will increase your sense of initial stability but increase drag in the water, while a narrower kayak will be more efficient with less drag but will not have the same feeling of initial stability.

    Kayaking Life Jackets

    The most important thing that you are going to want to have with you while you're out kayaking is a life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD). Typically a Type III PFD is used for kayaking and canoeing. A good kayaking PFD will be lightweight, comfortable and accommodating to your paddling activities. Finding the right life jacket for you depends on what you intend on doing while you're out on the water. Many recreational life jackets have a variety of pockets, which can be very useful for fishermen. Sizing yourself for a life jacket is fairly simple; life jacket sizes are generally determined by a chest measurement. Use measuring tape or a string and measure around the widest part of your chest.

    Kayak Paddles

    In order to find the right kayak paddle you need to take into consideration your height as well as what type of kayak you plan on using. The further you have to reach the water the longer the paddle you will want, while a shorter paddle will offer more maneuverability and turning capabilities but will require more excursion in order to paddle. An easy way to gauge if a paddle will work for you is to hold it horizontally in your hands with your arms slightly inside a 90 degree angle. Your hands should be about two-thirds the way between the center of the shaft and the shoulder of the blade.

    Kayak Accessories

    There are many accessories that you can use to better your kayaking experience. Many kayakers use sprayskirts to keep themselves dry in whitewater or inclement weather. You may also want to have a dry bag with you to keep some of your items safe and moisture free. Having a bilge pump on hand is also very convenient for those times when you need to get the water out of your vessel while you are kayaking. And let's not forget about getting your kayak to where you're going. Having a reliable kayak cartop carrier makes it easy to bring the kayak along when you head off on trips. If you have the right kayak accessories you'll be more prepared for your paddling adventures.

    Canoes and Canoe Accessories

    Canoeing is a great way to explore a lake or river in an easy and relaxing way. Canoes are great for fishermen, photographers, and those that want to discover nature in a tranquil and less strenuous way. They are very stable and easy to use making them the perfect way to get out on the water no matter your age. Just bring along the right canoe accessories and you're sure to have a calming day floating the river or out on the lake.


    Finding the right canoe will depend on where you plan on canoeing as well as how many people you plan on having with you. Canoes are great for long trips down slower rivers and traversing the expanse of a lake. Some canoes also give you the option of adding a trolling motor to make the trip a little easier. Canoeing is all about comfort, many modern canoes come with padded seats, coolers, cup holders and even rod holders for fishing.

    Canoe Accessories

    You're going to have a tough time getting anywhere without any paddles so be sure you have some to bring along. It's also a great idea to bring along a spare paddle, because you don't want to get stuck when you're out on the water. Canoes are all about comfort and ease, however it is important to be sure you have all the right equipment and canoe accessories before you go; that way you'll be ready to have a soothing time out with nature. Don't forget about protecting your investment once you've returned home with canoe storage accessories as well.