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    Optics: Rifle Scopes, Spotting Scopes, Rangefinders, and More

    Don’t come home from a hunting trip empty-handed just because you were unable to determine how far away that in-season buck was and bring it down before it disappeared back into the brush. Instead, go prepared with a high-quality rifle scope and other integral optics from Sportsman’s Warehouse so you can quickly and accurately sight down your rifle. We sell high-performance rifle scopes, spotting scopes, and more to make sure you never miss a shot again. Everyone should come home with a trophy; don’t be the only one just because you didn’t have a spotting and rifle scope.

    Why Do I Need a Scope?

    Spotting and rifle scopes are perfect for hunters of all experience levels. Some veteran hunters might prefer to use the iron sights already on their rifles to aim, but not everyone is prepared for that increased challenge. Also, iron sights won’t help you if you prefer to hunt at the optimum times: sunrise and sunset. Having a high-performance rifle scope helps improve every hunters chance of a tag during low-light situations and in heavily wooded areas. Rifle scopes magnify your target, helping you to more easily identify game from longer distances. With a scope, it’ll be easier to identify if that deer is a legal, in-season buck. Iron sights won’t be much use if your target is beyond 200 yards, if your eyesight isn’t strong, or if it’s nearing sunset. In addition to magnification, which iron sights cannot provide, rifle scopes also gather more light, allowing you that crucial extra time to make the tag despite low-light conditions.

    Rifle and Spotting Scopes

    Rifle scopes: These scopes have adjustable turrets, reliable tracking, and reticles for increased accuracy. Having solid magnification is important, but you need very little to shoot on target. Buying a scope with 4X gives good results at 500 yards, 6X is good at 700 yards, and 10X works at a range of 1000 yards. Some modern tactical scopes also have red-dot technology, providing additional guidance while you quickly and accurately aim. We sell both normal rifle scopes and tactical rifle scopes.

    Spotting scopes: A spotting scope helps provide increased magnification over rifle scopes, so you can more accurately determine where a deer or grouse may be hiding in heavily forested areas. Similar in idea to the telescope, spotting scopes provide increased precision in your shot and are for hunters who demand top optical performance while searching for game.

    Additional Optics

    In the middle of a hunt, a spotting scope and a tactical scope are often used in tandem. The spotting scope locates a long-distance target, while you line up the actual shot with the tactical scope. Another useful tool a hunter should never be without is a rangefinder. Similar to a spotting scope, the rangefinder will help you locate game. But, unlike spotting scopes, rangefinders will help you properly calculate the actual distance between you and your eventual trophy. Many hunters refuse to leave home without a rangefinder.

    Sportsman’s Warehouse also sells binoculars from long-lasting and rugged brand names like Nikon, Zeiss, and more. With two lenses, binoculars will help you get a better magnified view of all your surroundings to help narrow down where deer and other in-season game may be hidden.

    For those hunters who like to also use a handgun while hunting, we also offer handgun scopes. Improve your accuracy while still challenging yourself to hunt game with a handgun instead of a rifle.

    Rifle Scope Accessories

    To ensure that your rifle scope stays properly centered and zeroed, even while you’re moving around in the underbrush, make sure to buy a base and scope ring. These accessories keep the scope tightly attached to your rifle, ready for when you need to quickly aim and fire at a fleeing target.

    Improve Your Accuracy, Order Now

    At Sportsman Warehouse, our high-performance optics are sourced from trusted, premier brands that engineer their products and test them for durability and quality. Many of our available scopes are waterproof and fogproof, ensuring you’ll be able to see your target clearly in poor weather.

    We happily ship everywhere in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. We offer a ship-to-store option for easy pickup for those living near any of our locations across the U.S. Contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about our products or your order.