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Northland Mr Walleye Crawler Harness

Northland Mr Walleye Crawler Harness

$2.29 - $2.99

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Northland Mr Walleye Crawler Harness -The Mr. Walle Crawler Hauler is Gary Roach’s secret weapon for trolling and drifting up giant walleyes with big bladed crawler rigs!

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Northland Mr Walleye Crawler Harness -This harness is hand snelled with a tough and transparent 17 lb. 60” fluorocarbon leader, premium Matzuo Salmon-Egg hooks, meaty #6 facetted beads and throbbing magnum “metallic” FishScale attractor blade for maximum flash and lifelike reflection!

  • Hand snelled with 17lb 60in fluorocarbon leader
  • Matzuo Salmon-Egg hooks

Item # Color Model Brand Price Order Online
1333874 Firetiger WSR4-FT Northland Fishing Tackle $2.99
1333875 Purple Tiger WSR-PT Northland Fishing Tackle $2.99
1333876 Hex Sunfish WSR4-YG Northland Fishing Tackle $2.29
1351531 Emeral Shiner WSR4-ES Northland Fishing Tackle $2.99
1360191 Purple Perch WSR4-PC Northland Fishing Tackle $2.99
1363962 Hex Nickel WSR4-HN Northland Fishing Tackle $2.99

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