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Northland Baitfish Float N Spin

Northland Baitfish Float N Spin


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Northland Baitfish Float N Spin - The Baitfish Float'N Spin is the hottest rig on the PWT to attract and trigger strikes from off bottom suspended gamefish.

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Northland Baitfish Float N Spin - Designed on the Professional Walleye Trail® to attract and trigger strikes from off-bottom suspended gamefish. It features blood red Lip-Stick® hook, durable XT Trilene® leader and a buoyant cylinder body float that elevates the rig off bottom. Our new Baitfish-Image™ attractor blades are killers on all fish that eat!

  • Features blood red Lip-Stick® hook
  • Durable XT Trilene® leader
  • Buoyant cylinder body float
  • Baitfish-Image attractor blades

Item # Color Size Model Brand Price Order Online
406759 Silver Shiner #4 hook RFH6-NR Northland Fishing Tackle $2.69
406789 Gold Shiner #4 hook RFH6-GR Northland Fishing Tackle $2.69
406794 Gold Perch #4 hook RFH6-PC Northland Fishing Tackle $2.69
406805 Yellow Perch #4 hook RFH6-YR Northland Fishing Tackle $2.69
406860 Rainbow Chub #4 hook RFH6-RB Northland Fishing Tackle $2.69
406880 Firetiger #4 hook RFH6-FT Northland Fishing Tackle $2.69
This item is currently not available online.
406891 Sunrise #4 hook RFH6-YO Northland Fishing Tackle $2.69
406899 Sunfish #4 hook RFH6-YG Northland Fishing Tackle $2.69

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