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Nockturnal Lighted Arrow Nocks

Nockturnal Lighted Arrow Nocks

$8.99 - $29.99

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Nockturnal Lighted Arrow Nocks - Track your arrow through the air with the Nockturnal Lighted Nock. When the arrow is shot, a super bright LED illuminates the end of the arrow to watch exactly where the arrow strikes the target.

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Nockturnal Lighted Arrow Nocks - This LED lighted nock is activated by a bow string linear switch. There are no pesky magnets or special tweets to turn it on or off. The Lithium Battery gives the light 20 plus hours of power. The nocks are weather and waterproof with unsurpassed reliability.

  • Battery Life: 20 plus hours
  • Light: LED
  • Battery: Lithium

solid buy


very bright and easy to use however I found that after multiple shots on target the switch got stuck on and it was very difficult to turn off. other than that a great tool and a great buy.

Helena, MT


Very fun and awesome for target shooting


I've been useing the new red nocks in styl G and they fit my carbon arrows great! No mods needed. These sure are bright at night and makes shoooting targets even better ! Can't wait to get and try a few more colors. Haven't had any problems with them turning on or off in my case. Switch is solid.

East Wenatchee, wa


Best around!!!


Very happy with these used them for the last 3 years never had any issue!! Not real crazy about the blue ones.




4.7 3


Item # Color Pack Qty Brand Model/Fit Price Order Online
1304150 Green 3 Nockturnal GT Nock $24.99
1304160 Green 1 Nockturnal X Nock $8.99
1304155 Green 3 Nockturnal S Nock $24.99
1304153 Red 3 Nockturnal S Nock $24.99
1304148 Red 3 Nockturnal GT Nock $24.99
1304152 Red 1 Nockturnal S Nock $8.99
1304158 Green 1 Nockturnal H Nock $8.99
1304147 Red 1 Nockturnal GT Nock $8.99
1304149 Green 1 Nockturnal GT Nock $8.99
1304156 Blue 3 Nockturnal S Nock $24.99
1304159 Red 1 Nockturnal X Nock $8.99
1304151 Blue 3 Nockturnal GT Nock $24.99
1304154 Green 1 Nockturnal S Nock $8.99
1304157 Red 1 Nockturnal H Nock $8.99
1471729 Pink 3 Nockturnal GT Nock $24.99
1471730 Pink 3 Nockturnal S Nock $24.99
1471733 Red 3 Nockturnal G Nock $29.99
1471736 Green 3 Nockturnal G Nock $29.99

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