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New Archery Products Spitfire Broadhead

New Archery Products Spitfire Broadhead


NAP Spitfire Broadhead - Spitfire is undoubtedly the most trusted name in mechanical broadheads! Spitfires fly straight with pinpoint accuracy and perform better than any other mechanical thanks to the sharpest Diamize blades.

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NAP Spitfire Broadhead - Renown NAP durability ensures that the Spitfire will stand up under the toughest conditions. The practice blades mean you can save your super-sharp blades for the big day.Patented micro grooved ferrule greatly increases flight accuracy and penetration power. No other broadhead in the world flies as true as the Spitfire, period.

  • Diamize Sharpened Blades
  • Cutting Diameter: 1 1/2"
  • 3 Blades
  • Quantity Per Pack: 3



I was a fixed-blade-only hunting Fool! I practice with Field Points all year leading up to hunting season. Then, 1 month before the opening of Archery Deer, I would start practicing with my Fixed Blades... Patiently adjusting my pins down to allow for fact that my Slick Tricks NEVER fly like my field points (my bow is tuned). After bouncing another broadhead off the ground on a 40 yard shot, my buddy handed me one of his NAP SPITFIRES. I attached it to one of my arrows and mixed it in with the Fieldpoints in my hip quiver then proceeded to load, draw and shoot my bow without looking at which tip I was shooting (my whisker biscuit helps hide the tip from view). There is NO DIFFERENCE in flight between my Fieldpoints and broadheads. Finally, I now shoot with the added confidence that my arrow will hit its mark without having to think twice about broadhead- pin-adjustments in the field. My Spitfires (481 grain arrows) have no problem blowing through Deer and Elk.

Phoenix AZ


New Archery Products Spitfire Broadhead


Several features of the Spitfire appeal to my hunting style. First, I like to practice with field points and the point of impact when I change to these broadheads remains the same (even if my bow is not perfectly tuned). Second, they are tough. I have put one through the shoulder blade of a calf elk and another through the spine of a deer. In both cases the blades were not broken. Third, there are no O-rings to worry about. The blades are held in place by friction and open on impact. Lastly, they kill quickly. The slim profile and long blades leave a devastating wound channel, decent entry hole and huge exit.

Layton, UT


4.5 2


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