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Mossberg 464 Lever Action Rifle

Mossberg 464 Lever Action Rifle

Sale: $299.97 - $459.99
Reg: $369.99 - $459.99

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Mossberg 464 Lever Action Rifle - Mossberg has reinvented the classic western-style cowboy gun with modern touches and innovations

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Mossberg 464 Lever Action Rifle - Featers a Precision-machined receiver; conveniently-positioned ejection port for clearance when using optics; convenient top-tang safety; blued finished barrels in 20 length; choice of 3-dot adjustable fiber optic or adjustable rifle sights; receiver is drilled and tapped for Weaver #403 bases. Select models feature 3-Dot fiber optic sights for improved target acquisition in foul weather or low light conditions. Our walnut pistol grip models feature diamond pattern fine line checkering on the grip and wraparound edge-to-edge on the forend for a sure grip in the field.

  • Sights: Bead Front and Adjustable Rear / Drilled and Tapped for Scope Base, Rifle Sights / Drilled and Tapped for Scope Base
  • Sights: Adjustable Fiber Optic 3-Dot / Drilled and Tapped for Scope Base
  • Blued barrel
  • Wood or synthetic stock

Jams too much


If I had it to do over, I'd buy a Marlin. I own a 464. It has always been a little finicky about feeding, but when we went shooting in 30 degree weather, it got really bad. The front sight is very off, and the back sight was very off out of the box too. The fit and finish are pretty good. It's a pain to get scope mounts, especially if you want to do a scout rifle. I do prefer the slide safety to the Marlin. It does not have a half-c*ck position.



Not bad


Okay, first the Bad: Receiver/lever - the action does NOT start smooth. I worked the lever while watching TV, after 300-400 times, it smoothed out. Clean it along the way too. Jams - I have experienced jams. It does NOT like to be dirty! The round hung on the extractor hook midway through feeding. An emery board to round the sharp edge, and that seems to have been all it needed. It prefers to have the lever moved quickly, with authority. Mush-handing it is asking for jams. I've had better luck with Federal 150's and reloads. It was less fond of Winchesters. (shrug). Sights: While not bad, the semi-buck in back isn't great either, and mine was WAY off to the left. Like, 2'-3' off at 100 yards, with the screw adjustment as far as it would go! I had to tap the sight in the dovetail quite a bit to get it right. Easy, but annoying. Neutral: Tapped for scope, but you need 2 Weaver 403 bases ($6 each) to mount one, or a scout-scope base. You would need a long-tubed scope to span the distance if these are both mounted facing away from the eject! It Will eject okay with them turned in, as long as the gun isn't aimed up between 0-45 degrees. If I had it to do-over, I'd get a Skinner Lo-Pro Peep sight, and call it good. Since I already have the scope, I'm going to get an XP scout-scope mount - another $64. Note: you need a Long eye-relief for this kind of setup! The good: Cost - this rifle costs half of what a Henry will run you. I think the sights are a little better on this than the 336. Henry sights were better than either though. Barrel/rifling - You either love or hate the Marlin rifling. I prefer this one's. Safety - Love or hate them; I like um. I can keep it loaded, hammer down and safety off. Still have to set hammer & depress lever to fire, but that's quick and easy. PRACTICE shouldering+lever squeeze and it becomes second nature. Don't be lazy, and I think you'll come to love it. Trigger - good, but haven't measured it. Wood - Nice wood and finish. Fit ok

Rocky Mountains


Jammer Riffle


My first 50 rds through this riffle were one jam after another. Took it to gunsmith, was told it needed to be lubed and broke in. Followed recommendations and was able to wear it in a bit. Haven't experienced a jam for the last 60 rds. Shoots straight and recoil is a little overwhelming. I don't like the little safety interlock on the lever for permissive to fire. It gets in the way a lot. (especially if you are wearing gloves) My fingers get pinched between lever and stock if I'm not slow and careful. Action on this riffle is butter smooth, ok more like peanut butter smooth, chunky peanut butter that is, with rocks and sand in it. The action on this riffle sucks. Trigger weight is about 20lbs too high. The safety lever is jerky and loud. If you are within iron site distance of your game, you will be within hearing distance of the safety. Use the hammer instead or take your shot quickly once you scare the heard off with the noise. Good stow away riffle. Fits behind door jam in my safe and is not visible at all from outside the safe. That way my friends don't see it and point and laugh. My next lever action rifle will be made by Henry. This one makes a good paperweight.

Yuma, AZ


Poor choice


I bought this rifle because of the good name of Mossberg. I shot two rounds through this rifle. It jammed. I eventually got the round out. I cycled another round. It jammed in the receiver base. I eventually got this round out. I sent the rifle back to the factory. They sent it back saying there was no problem. I went out and attempted to shoot the rifle. It jammed again in the base of the receiver. Dangerous! My daughter also bought the same rifle. SAME PROBLEMS. Bad rifle. I watched the reviews online but did not listen...dumb me. This is a poorly manufactured rifle. Buy a Marlin or a Henry.

Salt Lake City


The SPX a great little gun


Would have given 5 stars, except this baby kicks like a mule. No wonder they put a muzzle break on it!! Have only put a box of shells thru it but it works perfectly. never a jam or hang up. Love the fiber optic sights. Very accurate. Looks Knarly. but then it's supposed to.

Midway, Utah



2.6 5


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464 Lever Action Rifle .22 LR Blued 18" 14 Straight Grip Walnut Rifle Sights / Drilled & Tapped for Scope Base 35.75" 13.9" 5.5 lbs Sale: $299.97
Reg: $369.99
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464 SPX .30-30 WIN Matte Blued 16.25" 5+1 Black Synthetic Adjustable Buttstock / Tri-Rail Forend Adjustable Fiber Optic 3-Dot / Drilled & Tapped for Scope Base 34" - 37.5" 10.75" - 14.6" 7 lbs $449.99
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464 SPX .22 LR Matte Blued 18" 14 Black Synthetic Adjustable Buttstock / Tri-Rail Forend Rifle Sights / Drilled & Tapped for Scope Base 35.5" - 39" 10.75" - 14.6" 6 lbs $399.99
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Model 464 Brush Gun .30-30 WIN Mainecote 16.25" 5+1 Checkered Pistol Grip / Gray Laminate Stock Fiber Optic Fire / Drilled & Tapped for Scope Base 34.75" 13.87" 6 lbs $459.99
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