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Montana Canvas Tents with Window and Screendoor

Montana Canvas Tents with Window and Screendoor

$949.99 - $1,279.99

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Montana Canvas Tents with Window and ScreendoorMontana Canvas Tents w/ Window & Screen door- The wall tent, also referred to as a cabin tent, has a history and a legacy as old as the country.

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Montana Canvas Tents w/ Window & Screendoor,10 oz canvas 100% cotton duck treated for fire, water and mildew. 7'6" doors are secured by a heavy duty YKK zipper with a generous weather flap and easy to use. In mild weather doors are easy to open and enjoy the great outdoors. Poles Sold Separately.

  • Treated Fabrics
  • Double Layer Eaves
  • Heavy Duty Trouble Free YKK Zipper w/ Weather Flap
  • 5' Side Walls
  • Extra Sod Cloth Provides a Tight Seal
  • Stove Jack Withstands Extreme High Temperatures
  • 10 x 12 Weight: 61 lbs
  • 12 x 14 Weight: 70 lbs
  • 12 x 17 Weight: 75 lbs
  • 8 x 10 Weight: 46 lbs

Best tent ever made. 20 years and still going strong.


I live and hunt in Montana, this tent without a doubt has weathered the storm! Any storm. It has been used in all weather from summer camping with kids to back country elk hunting and I never had any issues.



Bought Many years ago


When Sportsman's Warehouse was still located out at the Spokane Valley Mall, probably 12 years ago, I purchased a 12' x 14' wall tent with 5' walls and the internal frame. This has been a terrific tent. The family has taken it on many trips from the Washington coast to the rivers of Montana and everywhere in between. It is a tent that gets used multiple times a year and has held up great. I have not applied the sealer since it was brand new and only this year have noticed a slight seep in a spot or two, and that was after 14 hours of a good down pour. Guess it's time to reapply. The bottom line is, if you want a true 4 season tent, this guy works great! I have lived in it for weeks at a time in truly wintery weather and been quite comfortable with the woodstove burning.

Deer Park, Washington


Old Technology Waxed Canvas that Leaks


I purchased a canvas Wedge tent from Montana Canvas last winter. I followed their directions to preshrink the fabric, applied over three gallons of Canvak, seam sealed all areas where they sewed on nylon webbing, and the tent still leaks in several places. Not just slight drips, but puddles of water inside the tent. Montana Canvas advertises this tent as "built to take on extreme weather conditions found in the most rugged areas around the world". Sadly, their tent cannot even handle sprinkling of a hose in the back yard. I also found their rainfly leaked through every seam as well and needs to be seamed sealed. The really sad part is Montana Canvas tent design and quality of workmanship is actually very good, but they are still using cheap (over half a century old technology) waxed canvas to make your products. As a lessoned learned I will never purchase a waxed canvas tent again and will stick with more modern canvas such as Sunforger, as almost every other tent manufacturer in the world uses.

Sacramento, CA



3.7 3


Item # Size Weight Brand Price Order Online
107484 12' x 14' 70 lbs Montana Canvas $1,199.99
107747 12' x 17' 75 lbs Montana Canvas $1,279.99
107748 10' x 12' 61 lbs Montana Canvas $1,099.99
1320809 8 x 10 46 lbs Montana Canvas $949.99

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