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Mitchell 300 Pro Spinning Reel

Mitchell 300 Pro Spinning Reel


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Mitchell 300 Pro Spinning Reel - The all NEW 300 Pro is the proud evolution of the legendary and historic Mitchell 300 family that has set the standard for spinning reels throughout the world.

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Mitchell 300 Pro Spinning Reel - Take a historic legend and improve it in every way possible and you get the Mitchell 300 Pro spinning reel series. Notice the smooth operation of this reel as you reel in the fish you just caught with this 10 bearing system that uses an instant anti-reverse. The superior strength of this reel is guaranteed with the innovative bail halo as well as the strong advanced polymeric body and rotor. Enjoy this reel with the aluminum spool and handle that uses an EVA knob to ensure ultimate comfort with hours of fishing. Top this already exceptional reel with an ultra smooth hybrid carbon fiber drag.

  • 10 bearings with an instant anti- reverse
  • Innovative bail halo
  • Advanced polymeric body and rotor
  • Aluminum handle and spool
  • Hybrid carbon fiber drag

Good reel


lasted over a year of serious kayak fishing. for the price it's a good deal.

van wa


Done with mitchell


Admittedly I'm old school, I own a Mitchell I bought yrs ago and can still use! The drag on the 310 pro sucks if you're using 2 lb line, which considering this is supposedly an ultralight reel, it should be capable of. Then today I was looking at it and the plastic side plate literally fell of in my hand. This reel is less than a yr old! I guess you don't always get what you pay for. Could have bought a reel of this quality for about a 1/3 of the price!

Chattanooga, tn


I used to buy this product again and again not anymore


I used to love Mitchell until there are questionable ethics I don't like the rebates you never get them. I sent in my rebate back in March and never got my rebate it's not the $10 that I did not get it's the lack of moral in business I will never buy them again. I own two spider cast sc50 reels a spidermite sm 200 reel 2 spider cast poles one spider glass pole Mitchell excellence ex20 reel and of course not to mention my new Mitchell 300 Pro that I did not get the rebate form goodbye Mitchell hello Pflueger

Loveland Colorado



2.0 3


Item # Model Gear Ratio Brand Line Cap Price Order Online
1376006 310PRO 5.2:1 Mitchell 110yd / 6lb $64.99
1376008 300PRO 5.8:1 Mitchell 210yd / 14lb $64.99
1376007 308PRO 5.8:1 Mitchell 190yd / 8lb $64.99

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