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Missile Baits D Bomb Creature Bait
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Missile Baits D Bomb Creature Bait
Comments: This video introduces the NEW D Bomb creature bait by Missile Baits.

Missile Baits D Bomb Creature Bait


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Missile Baits D Bomb Creature Bait - Giving anglers worldwide a new go-to-bait for their pitching and flipping needs, the NEW D Bomb creature bait by Missile Baits has a unique design that has proven it attracts the biggest of fish.

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Missile Baits D Bomb Creature Bait - The unique design of this creature bait uses a thicker head so that the bait actually stays on the hook with a thinner body where it tapers to where the hook comes up to make setting the hook much easier. The tails on this creature bait will sail when left connected or if separated will flap wildly. This 4 inch creature bait has a unique ribbed body that displaces plenty of water which allows it to fall straight down.

  • 6 per package
  • Length: 4in
  • Unique ribbed body
  • Tails sail or flap widly
  • Body is thinner where the hook comes out
  • Thicker head to keep the bait on the hook

Item # Color Length Model Pack Qty Brand Price Order Online
1381592 Bruiser Flash 4 1/2 in MBDB45-BRF 6 Missile Baits $3.99
1381593 Candy Grass 4 1/2 in MBDB45-CNGR 6 Missile Baits $3.99
1381594 Golden Amber 4 1/2 in MBDB45-GLA 6 Missile Baits $3.99
1381595 Green Pumpkin Red 4 1/2 in MBDB45-GPR 6 Missile Baits $3.99
1381596 Lovebug 4 1/2 in MBDB45-LVB 6 Missile Baits $3.99
1381597 Super Bug 4 1/2 in MBDB45-SBG 6 Missile Baits $3.99
1392925 Green Pumpkin Blue 4 1/2 in MBDB45-GPB 6 Missile Baits $3.99
1395049 Bourbon 4 1/2 in MBDB45-BRBN 6 Missile Baits $3.99

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